D5 Support Tool

Hi there, recently we developed a tool called D5 Support Tool, which can check the network conditions, hardware, software conflicts, and also collect logs and make it easier for troubleshooting.

How to use

  1. Download the .exe file: Download link
  2. Then you will get this, please move it to the installation folder of D5 Render (otherwise it cannot work)
    To find the installation folder, you can right click on D5 Render’s shortcut then select Open file location
  3. Double click on the SupportTool_en.exe.
  4. Check All and Zip At Once, then send the exported log file (which is called zziplog) to D5 Support team. (support@d5techs.com, and please describe the problem)

Thank u! where I can find how to send the file to support team?

hello, support@d5techs.com, or you can contact me directly.

zziplog.zip (1.3 MB)