[Announcement] D5 Render Challenge II : Distance - How far would you go

1. Theme

Distance - How far would you go

There’s not much we can do about social-distancing in such circumstances, but luckily the “distance” within D5 is totally up to you.

While you are now restricted to your own neighborhood, the distance between you and your dream destinations can be reduced with D5 Render. Create a dimension of your own and make it your getaway. “The world is your oyster.”

We hope in this challenge, D5 serves as a tool for your creation and storytelling. It can be a brush that adds color to your canvas, or it can also be a ticket that takes you on a tour to anywhere you long to visit: historical landmarks, dream bedroom, hometown village or future fantasy… you name it!

2. Prizes

Grand Prize (x1): 4600 USD, one-year subscription to D5 Pro, 1000 D5 Grains, D5 user interview

1st Place (x2): 2300 USD, one-year subscription to D5 Pro, 900 D5 Grains, D5 user interview

2nd Place (x5): 900 USD, one-year subscription to D5 Pro, 800 D5 Grains

3rd Place (x5): one-year subscription to D5 Pro, 700 D5 Grains

Forum Choice Award (x2): one-year subscription to D5 Pro, 600 D5 Grains

SNS Influencer Award (x7): one-month subscription to D5 Pro, 500 D5 Grains

3. Rules

Submit your entry at : gallery@d5techs.com

Closing date: May 23, 24:00 (UTC+8:00), 2022

Email format

Subject: D5 Render Challenge + your name + theme of your work


  • Brief self-introduction: name, location (country, city), occupation and D5 account, etc

  • Entry description

    1)computer specs
    4)source of assets that are not from D5 asset library
    5)descriptions of the scene, your inspirations, and try to tell the story behind the Distance in your work.

  • Location of your scene and the distance between it and where you are.
    (If your scene is in an imaginary space, please set a distance for it according to your inspirations and theme)

  • YouTube link to your entry video

  • A compressed file named D5 Render Challenge + your name + theme of your work that contains

    • 2 or more still images with no watermarks in png format & 2k resolution and higher

    • Original video in .mp4/.avi format not shorter than 20 seconds (please post it on YouTube with the hashtag #d5render, copy the link, and paste it in the email.)

    • 6 or more images from your creation process (concept sketch, model making, rendering, postproduction, etc) which must include screenshots of the scene in D5 Render interface

Demo e-mail

Note: After receiving your entry email, D5 Team will reply to you whether your entry is valid or not. If you haven’t heard from us within 2 days after submission, please consult @D5bot on D5 Forum.

@ D5bot will collect all the valid entries and post them on D5 Forum Gallery .

Forum Choice Award will be selected from Forum depending on the likes of the post. Two of these awards will be presented to the participants with the most likes on D5 Forum here and CN Forum respectively. See more here.

Posting on Social Media Platforms:

Apart from posting on YouTube which is required, you’re encouraged to post your entry also on other social media platforms and get the chance to win D5 grains and SNS Influencer Award. Platforms and rules for this award are as follows:

YouTube: #d5render, @D5 Render , the title of your video should start with D5 Render Challenge

Instagram: #d5render, tag @d5render_dimension5 in your post

Twitter: #d5render, tag @D5Render

Facebook group: D5 Render Community: include “D5 Render Challenge Entry” in your post

LinkedIn: #d5render, @D5 Render

Behance: add D5 Render to Project Tags and list it as a tool used

Artstation: add D5 Render as software used

4. Assessment


  • Quality of the scene/models/materials

  • Knowldge/ Techniques of using D5 Render

  • Concept of the work with relation to the theme of this Challenge

  • Animation and editing performance


The jury together with D5 Team will go through all the entries and select finalist works (number of finalists depends on entries received). Jury members will then narrow down the list by rating the finalists respectively and select the Grand Prize,1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place winners.

After that, D5 will display all the finalists on D5 Forum for the public to vote for a Forum Choice Award winner. To decide the SNS Influencer Award winner, D5 Team will collect statics of valid posts on the platforms stated above from their release time to 2022/5/25 24:00(UTC +8:00). Statistics include but are not limited to likes, views, comments. There will be one winner for each platform, and fake stats will not be recognized as valid. Any participant that is confirmed to have cheated will be disqualified.

5. Timeline

Entry Submission:Feb 23 - May 23 (24:00 UTC +8:00), 2022

Jury Assesement:May 24 - May 31, 2022

Public Vote:June 1 - June 8 (24:00 UTC +8:00), 2022

Announcenment:June 9, 2022

Prize delivery:before June 15, 2022

6. Jury

Diogo Moita

Architect, YouTuber

Diogo has worked in the architecture visualization industry for over 15 years. He is the founder of 3DM, one of the biggest references in Portuguese language. He and 3DM have served more than 20,000 students and his YouTube channel has passed the 150,000 subscriber mark. Diogo is passionate about 3D and believes he has the strength to change the architecture visualization market.

Juan Gea

3D artist

Juan has been an artist since 2000, when he finished his training with Daniel Martinez Lara, director of Bone-Studio since 2007. Experienced in computer graphics, he has done projects in archviz, engineering visualization, realtime VR/AR/Apps, video games, special effects (VFX) and character animation.

He has been a beta tester for 3Ds Max and Maya from 2011 to 2019 versions, where he made the switch to Blender for the studio.

Karam Baki

BIM expert, Autodesk Expert Elite

Karam is an architect, and co-founder of AECedx Online Education. He is the author of Synthesize toolkit in Dynamo and the most voted Dynamo packages Author. Karam started his Revit journey in 2009, and is now a Product Manager for D5 Converter - Revit.

Minh Tran

Architecture professional, YouTuber

Minh is a 3D artist looking to inspire others through his works and Youtube videos. He is the creator of Architecture Inspirations, a YouTube channel where he shares knowledge, tutorials, tips and tricks for architectural rendering and visualization. Some of his videos have over 1 million views.

Nuno Silva

Architecture visualization instructor, 3D artist

Nuno is a 3D graphics professional with specialization in 3D architectural visualization industry. He runs a YouTube channel related to 3D archviz and has several online courses for the same subject. His tutorials are well-received on YouTube among architects and interior designers.

Sergio manes

Architect, YouTuber

Sergio graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires and has taught Architectural Design, History of Architecture, Morphology and Digital Graphic Representation in universities. Having worked for global architecture studios(César Pelli, Nicholas Grimshaw, AA2000), he also participated in competitions with great local architects (Miguel Angel Roca, Jorge Morini GGMPU). He was invited to publish his presentation in IJAC. Now he works as Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Blas Pascal University and offers free tutorials to more than 400,000 subscribers through his YouTube channel “arqMANES”.

Steven Rubio

Architect, YouTuber

Steven Rubio is a Colombian architect, creator of Show it Better in 2015. An educational platform dedicated to teaching architects and architecture students around the world architecture representation. Currently, it counts with a community of more than 500 thousand architects across all of its platforms. Steven received his undergraduate degree in 2015 and is currently finishing his Masters’s of Architecture in Bogota, Colombia. Apart from directing Show it Better, he also is a practicing architect.

D5 Team

D5 CEO Niu Zeping

D5 Visual team

D5 Art team

Han Shilin

Tutorial blogger

Han is a long-time user of D5 Render and a blog writer based in Tianjin, China. He has been sharing his experiences along with best-practice tips and tricks on the Internet since 2012. He regularly updates his Bilibili channel with video tutorials and has over 100,000 subscribers. His tutorials are well-received among Chinese architecture students and practitioners.

Xiao Zhiqiang/Johnny

Sr. 3D Artist with Tencent TiMi Studio Group, Member of China Film Art Direction Academy CCAC

Xiao is one of the founders of Shanghai MagicStone, and has worked for Weta Digital, Oriental DreamWorks, IGG: Gamers at Heart, and Massive Black. He contributed to the production of Hellgate: London, Fallout 3, Killzone 2, BioShock 2, StarCraft II, God of War III, The Witcher 2 and many other AAA games. Xiao was also involved in film production for projects of Avatar 2, Black Widow, Harley Quinn and Jungle Cruise.

Xu Zhelong

Sr. 3d Artist with Tencent TiMi Studio Group, Associate director of China Film Art Direction Academy CCAC

Xu is a famous 3D artist and the founder of Shanghai MagicStone. His works were selected by ELEMENTAL 3: The World’s Best Autodesk Art and included in some official materials/tutorials/gallery of Autodesk, 3Ds Max, and Substance. He won the ZBrush Award in 2018.

Yan Lingqi

Assistant professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara

Yan graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and received his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. He has worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Autodesk, Weta Digital and NVIDIA Research.
Yan’s research is mainly in Computer Graphics and had 7 papers accepted to SIGGRAPH as lead author while studying for his Ph.D. He has won ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019 and C.V. Ramamoorthy Distinguished Research Award. Yan was also involved in the production of War for the Planet of the Apes(animal fur appearance model) and Zootopia(volumetric hair scattering simulation).

Yu Dejie

Architecture expert

Yu graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and has been a rendering lover for years. His interest in CG field started when he was in high school and continued to grow as he entered the industry. He is experienced in architectural visualization and has completed a shift to the game industry with his graphics background.

--- # 7. Cooperative Media


Architectural Inspirations

Show it Better

Nuno Silva



8. Note

  • Entries are required to be created using D5 Render as the only renderer, while modeling software and creation styles are not restricted. Please state post-production if there are any.
  • Please indicate whether the models used in your work are original and state the sources if not.
  • Entries with inappropriate or illegal contents will be disqualified.
  • Participants are allowed to contact D5 marketing team at gallery@d5techs.com to edit or supplement their entry before May 23 24:00 (UTC +8:00), 2022. Each participant can only have one valid entry. Team cooperation and multiple creators for one entry is allowed, but once the entry wins a prize, there will only be one set of corresponding gifts for the winner.
  • Works that have been submitted to other contests or used in business cooperation are not acceptable.
  • By submitting your entry, you agree to authorize D5 Render to post and share your works on its official website and social media platforms.

9. Tech Support

Feel free to contact support@d5techs.com to resolve any technical problem you meet during creation process. You can also post on D5 Forum - Get Help, and D5 tech support team will see to your problems as soon as possible.

Media Kit

D5_Media_Kit.7z (508.2 KB)
If you want to add D5 logo to your entry, feel free to download this file.

D5 Render reserves the right for final interpretation of D5 Render Challenge II. If you have any questions regarding this Challenge, please contact @D5bot.


WOW looks exciting!


wow!Expect to see more good works! :star_struck:

very interesting!!!

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this it very interisting. Geat event !!!

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Join the challenge and win the Grand Prize, yoga :wink:


Wow! We can look forward to another great challenge! Appreciate it :wink:

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okay sir :heart_eyes:


cool contest Im in , I really dont get this one

  • Location of your scene and the distance between it and where you are.
    (If your scene is in an imaginary space, please set a distance for it according to your inspirations and theme)

I need someone to clear it to me please @Oliver.J

hey @AnasArchViz that’s required because the theme of this challenge is “Distance”. Basically you can do whatever you like, just give it a distance value( how far the scene is located from you), which means you can reach wherever you like with the help of D5. For example, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but never got a chance to actually visit there, so I’m making a scene of Hawaii beach and maybe some architecture by the sea. After that, I just google how far is Hawaii from my home, and it says 8000km. OK then that would be the distance of my entry. But if someone makes a scene that doesn’t really exist, like cyberpunk city scene set in 2080, well we can’t google how far is that, so the creator can decide the distance himself/herself, as long as he/she thinks it makes sense.
Hope I’ve made it clear. And to anyone seeing this post that feels confused about the Challenge, feel free to contact me. :smiley:


Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Hi Anas, thanks for Vicki’s explanation, which is very clear :smiley: I think you can render whatever your want as the theme is actually very broad. To give a distance value is to better tell the story behind your renderings.

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I am interesting about grand prize. Who wins grand prize? Iam asking because there is 1st and 2nd places too. I am confused a little bit :grinning:

hi sir, this possible to make island like maldives? thanks before for answer

sure why not :eyes:


should i send video (Render) for Challenge or Youtube Video link is enough?

link and video both are required :slight_smile:

thank you for answer. but how to send? file size is large and can not upload with mail

you can attach the compressed file, that should work

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