D5 Grain | Sowing the Seed of Encouragement

The support and encouragement of D5 users along the way has accompanied D5, so here we are today.

Every requirement and bug report we got from you paved the way for D5 to grow with each update;Every piece of work rendered with D5 that you posted brought beauty and charm of D5 to a wider audience;Every tip and trick of using D5 that you shared inspired someone who’s just getting started with D5 Render.

By encouraging and supporting D5, D5 users sowed a seed, which is now sprouting and thriving. In return, we’d like to reward D5 users with our own D5 Grain.

What is D5 Grain? What is Grain?

D5 Grain is a user growth system launched by D5.

Here, we turn your acts of encouragement to D5, such as sharing D5-rendered work, posting tutorial, joining beta tests and inviting new users, into Grain. In a word, “grains” are the embodiment of D5 users’ encouragement and acknowledgement.

How to use Grains?

Grains can be used to redeem D5 gifts in the Barn. Go to “My Space - Barn” and view the redeemed gifts. We will keep uploading Gifts (physical/ virtual) into the Barn.

You can also click on the User’s Card in the Forum to check the Grain Level of other users.

How to get grains?

For the time being, you can get grains through the following ways:

Share contents on D5 Forum

Ways to Get Grains Rewarded Grains
Being marked as Solution in Get Help 2
Becoming the Head of Scene Express 15
Starting/Getting on a Scene Express with 10 carriages(participants) or more 5
Being tagged as Highlight / Tutorial 10
Having work selected by Gallery on D5 official website 15

Join our beta tests

Ways to Get Grains Rewarded Grains
Taking part in beta tests 5
Winning a Beta Test Badge 50

All beta test participants for D5 Render 2.1 will be rewarded with 5 grains.

You can only get the 5 grains if you used the email address of your official D5 account for the beta test.

Post works rendered with D5 on other platforms

*There might be some changes to the number of grains for platforms.

*Please refer to [SNS Guidelines] How to become a D5 Rising Star on social media platforms? for rules of posting

Platforms Ways to Get Grains Rewarded Grains
YouTube Post a video 9
Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Pinterest/ Behance Post a rendered work 7
Facebook/ Twitter Post a rendered work 6

After your work is posted, please fill out this form to apply for your Grains➡️D5 Creation Application Form

D5 users taking part in our 2021 showreel event will get 5 grains.

About the event:
Bonus: D5 Grains + gifts designed by D5 Team
How: Create a 2021 D5 showreel of your own and post it on YouTube with hashtag #d5render, don’t forget to @D5 Render. We will select 3 of them and send gifts to the creators.

Closing Date for Entries: 2022/01/20

Since encouragement from D5 users came in different forms, we have prepared some extra bonuses for you!

For example, if your post gets a certain amount of views/likes/comments, or if you have done D5’s user interview, then you’ll have the chance to find out our special bonus. More grain-winning ways for you to explore! Just stay tuned!

What is Grain Level?

The number of accumulated grains (absolute value) represents the user’s level. We hope that the Grain Level gives you a clear picture of every D5 user’s different level of contribution to D5 Render .

Used grains will not affect your grain level.

More gifts and surprises will be available for D5 users with higher levels. There will be something EXCITING!

Level Required Grains
Lv 0 0
Lv 1 5
Lv 2 200
Lv 3 500
Lv 4 1500
Lv 5 5000
Lv 6 15000
Lv 7 40000

We are definitely going to have other interesting events for you, and we will keep sharing useful tips, so that more user behaviors can generate grains for you.

If there is any change in the rules, it will be updated immediately on the forum!
Grains gained in certain ways will be issued manually, so please understand that there might be a delay in receiving the grains.

As a software development team, your participation and feedback is the biggest driving force for our continuous progress. We hope that through D5 Grain, our gratitude can be extended to every user who encourages us.

Feel free to share your work or tutorials with D5 Render, and use D5 Grain to redeem gifts you like.

Code of Conduct

  1. D5 users shall abide by the rules of the D5 community and other third-party platforms. If a D5 account is suspended, any behavior of encouraging D5 by that account during the suspended period shall not generate grains; If a D5 account is permanently blocked, it is deemed that the user automatically quits the D5 Grain program.
  2. In case that a user submitted work impersonating someone else, or used someone else’s work to participate in the program, the earned grains will be deducted and D5 team reserves the right to permanently cancel the user’s participation in the “D5 Grain Program” for three or more violations.
  3. If “grains” are used to seek illegitimate benefits in any way, including but not limited to trading grains and manipulation of views, comments, favorites, D5 team reserves the right to permanently cancel the user’s participation in the “D5 Grain Program”.

Participation in D5 Grain is entirely voluntary. Whether you join or not does not affect your experience in using D5 Render.
The D5 Render team reserves the right for final interpretation of the D5 Grain program.