[D5 Render Challenge II] RETREAT Grass Residence - SHEN PHOTO

:star2: About the Challenge

Theme: RETREAT Grass Residence
Location: Shanghai, China
Graphics Card: RTX 5000
Workflow: SketchUp+ D5 Render
Post-processing: DaVinci Resolve
Source of assets that are not from D5 asset library: self-made

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Description of the work:

β€œFor this scene, I chose a residence located in the western suburb of Shanghai. This is a working and living area surrounded by forests. I have been a interior designer, an architect, and a photographer during the creation process. Switching between different roles has enabled me to look at this space from different perspectives. Rendering in D5 was made so fun and easy. Visualizing my ideas and turning imagination into reality is a fantastic thing.”

:earth_africa: Location of your scene: Shanghai, China

:round_pushpin: Distance: 0

![D5_ 9_20220524_030211|690x440]


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