D5 Render Challenge II Public Vote - You decide who wins this time!

Hi all, it’s time to vote! :partying_face:

With a total of over 100 entries this year for the D5 Render Challenge II, we are glad to share with you all these amazing works and invite you to vote for your favorite ones.

Where to vote?
We’ve collected all the valid entries here :arrow_left:
You can go through them to see the works, learn about the artists, and hear their stories through the theme.

How to vote?
Like the post of the entry. :heart:

Only the number of likes counts in the vote for the Forum Choice Award. However, you’re always welcome to show your appreciation and support by commenting under that post. If you have advice for the works, communicating in the comments is also encouraged.

Who can vote?
Anyone on D5 Forum
You can invite your friends or other D5 users to vote for you. :smiley:

When the vote ends?
2022/06/08 23:59 (UTC+8:00) :alarm_clock:

When the results come out?
Results for the public vote and all other prizes will be announced on June 9, 2022. :postbox:

Let’s wait until then and thank you for being a part of this challenge!