[Announcement] Results of D5 Render Challenge II

Hi everyone, this is D5 Team. Hope you enjoyed D5 Render Challenge II. For the last three months we have been thrilled by talented participants with hundreds of entries from D5 users worldwide. They have shown their passion for D5, rendering and art with different scenes and stories. With the help of our dear users and jury team, today we’re proud to present you the winners of this year’s D5 Render Challenge.

Grand Prize

State of Mind by Showing Inspiration

1st Place

Zero Island by JJJ
From gray to color by Michal

2nd Place

Journey of my Heart by Dachui
Far Away In My Tiny Paradise by Nicolas MILET
The Hurva Synagogue, An unfinished space by ANON
La marsa dream rest house by Anas
From Failure to Success by kokol

3rd Place

Relationships by SilverColoredLens
Dream, Sanxingdui, Future by 8 studio
Way Back Home by Jun Mo Xiao
Pluto Stratum by Michael Powell

Forum Choice Award

fantasy bedroom by High Q Renders

SNS Influencer Award

shambhala by Ekkapoom
The Reverie by Takshhil
Scenic wonder by BNQstudios
French Riviera House by Thierry Tutin

:clap: Congratulations to the winners and we will contact you within 7 days to deliver prizes.

All Finalists

Entry Artist Score Rank
State of Mind Showing Inspiration 643.7 1
Zero Island JJJ 640.5 2
From gray to color Michal 626 3
Journey of my Heart Dachui 605.5 4
Far Away In My Tiny Paradis Nicolas MILET 601.4 5
The Hurva Synagogue, An unfinished space ANON 600.1 6
La marsa dream rest house Anas 599.3 7
From Failure to Success kokol 598 8
Relationships SilverColoredLens 590.5 9
Dream, Sanxingdui, Future 8 studio 587.3 10
Way Back Home Jun Mo Xiao 586.9 11
Pluto Stratum Michael Powell 578.8 12
Don’t Sink Down Jundon 562.5 15
shambhala Ekkapoom 558.5 17
A Reader’s Reverie Team Fernweh (Affan & Asiya) 555.9 18
Multiverse Omar Otoom 555.7 19
Sunny Villa Shining 554.1 20
2 Worlds BOBI 552.5 21
RETREAT Grass Residence SHEN PHOTO 546.5 22
City×Jungle samuel 545 23
Cyberpunk future Cristian Ulloa 541.6 24
Unlimited Future Goose 539.5 25
Scenic wonder BNQstudios 539.5 25
Memories David 537.7 27
Home NGOVU 531 28
Villa U Filip Lekawski 512 29
Distant Liuchen 510.1 30

*The scores are collected from Jury members by D5 Team.

All prticipants and Entries

Jury’s Choice:

State of Mind - Showing Inspiration

Diogo Moita: "It's a beautiful and emotional work. The artist managed to explore the best of what D5 Render has to offer without exaggerating. He demonstrated a high level rendering skill, originality and coherence with the theme."

La marsa dream rest house - Anas

Karam Baki: “All images are very detailed and neat. Especially the transitions between daytime and nighttime. This project shows it all with execution.”

Zero Island - JJJ

Minh Tran: “This piece was masterfully crafted from sound to lighting, and imagery. The sound was thoughtfully designed to match each scene, whether it be the sound of a bird chirping, to the sound of running water, to the thunder from afar, to when it starts to rain. There are so many details in the scenes that even when I watch it again for the 10th time, I still found something new that I have not noticed. Not only that, the realism is taken to a whole new level with each rock, plant, and animal carefully placed in the scene which is beautifully lit with a perfect balance. The island is so vast and full of details yet so realistic that it makes me question what else is possible within D5. You can say that this is a “Zero” to Hero. ”

Way Back Home - Jun Mo Xiao

arqmanes: “A masterpiece, with an extraordinary force, that makes oneself make the journey back home. The artist has shown excellent script, setting and effects in their proper measure. ”

From gray to color - Michal

Nuno Silva: “It really portrays that no matter what, your mind can always travel to wonderful new places. There’s no limit for the imagination!
It covers all the topics of the challenge, as for originality and the Distance theme, while having excellent D5 Render skills, as well as animation."

The Hurva Synagogue, An unfinished space - ANON

Steven Rubio: "What made this a winning entry was the story and how the artist told it through the eyes of D5. The artist traveled to a particular geographic location and a time in history connecting two worlds that we had not seen connected before, an unbuilt work of Louis Kahn through the lens of a sensitive and precise software like D5.

Showcasing the building through a square aspect ratio, showing the relationship between shadow and light, contrasting materiality and time, threading the architect and the building, and finally, the structure and its context are what a great storyteller can achieve in a limited time.

The variety of shots helps the viewer understand the building in its entirety: wide, close-up, and detailed shots. Also, the artist did the composition of the images in a way a photographer would choose to capture a Louis Khan building. They highlight depth, the heaviness of space, the magnitude and scale of the project, and the texture and color that the location brings. Finishing off with the transition to an exposition room with plans and photos of many projects from the architects is equivalent to an extra step the viewer does not expect and confirms the success of the story told."

Scenic wonder - BNQstudios

D5 Visual team: “This rendering is so expressive. I can feel the power of it from this tiny dragonfly and I’m moved by it. Works like this are truly the motivation for us to produce a better product.”

Zero Island - JJJ

D5 Art team: “We think the artist must have put into a lot of efforts into building the scenes. Every scene is set up perfectly with a great selection of plants, making us feel like we were actually there in the scenes. This is just perfect!”

The Hurva Synagogue, An unfinished space - ANON

Han Shilin: “This work has really touched me. CG technologies have brought this architecture that only existed on paper to life. Rendering skills escaped my notice when I was seeing this video. I was so absorbed in the stunning spaces Louis Isadore Kahn had created that I couldn’t calm myself down even when the film has ended. The last transition towards the end of this film is so much surprise. The storytelling has taken it to the next level. What an admirable architect! What a splendid rendering!”

Zero Island

Xiao Zhiqiang: “This is well crafted both in distant views and close views. The whole island just comes to life. I believe it has lived up to D5 Render’s full potential now, and I appreciate that.”

Zero Island

Xu Zhelong: “This work is well made. The models and materials are amazingly detailed. The whole animation shots and scenes were nicely arranged.”

State of Mind - Showing Insipration

Yu Dejie: “This is a cinematic film that brought inner peace to me. The scenes and camera movenments were just on point. It has enabled me to focus on the work instead of on techinical terms, which is what I think a great work should achive.”

D5 Team:

"Thank you to all the participants, jury, voters, staff and anyone witnessing this contest for being part of D5 Render Challenge II. It’s an honor to hear your stories and see how you interpret Distance. We appreciate your efforts, encouragement and contributions. D5 applauds every entry for this contest, and looks forward to seeing more in the coming days.
Keep rendering and we’ll see you next time!" :purple_heart: