[D5 Render Challenge II] Don’t Sink Down - Jundon

:star2: About the Challenge

Theme: Don’t Sink Down
Artist: Jundon
Location: Yunnan, China
Graphics Card: RTX 2080ti
Workflow: SketchUp + blender + D5 Render
Post-processing: DaVinci Resolve
Source of assets that are not from D5 asset library: self-made, znzmo, 3D Warehouse, Mixamo, PolyHaven, AmbientCG

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Description of the work:

“The scene takes place on the guy’s birthday. He got his only ‘Happy Birthdayt’ from a shopping website, having no one to celebrate with. On the way home after dinner alone, he decided to buy a birthday cake for himself. This is the life I’m living now. The distance is from me to my life.”

:earth_africa: Location of your scene: Imaginary

:round_pushpin: Distance: 0

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