[D5 Render Challenge II] FUTURE WE LIVE - Giorgi

Artist: Giorgi Melkadze
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Graphics Card: RTX 3060
Workflow: Sketchup + D5 Render
Post-processing: Adobe premier only for to connect videos for one full movie
Source of assets that are not from D5 asset library: 3D warehouse

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Description of the work:
“Inspiration is the edge of reality and future where we live. it is mix of imagination.

Chapter 1.
I make a decision to create a cyberpunk city. The genre is very far but at the same time very close. That’s how I define the distance correctly (AS FAR AS CLOSE). I think humanity is tending to a border and we are advancing in the universe, therefore we don’t even analyse how realistic is everything. I think every era has its beauty and wonders. I consider that eminent changes in cyberpunk will be our signature in the aesthetics of the universe based on the time and era.

*I named chapter 1 the “Future we live”. There’s nothing more beautiful when rainy and wet nights revive the reflections of the neon and Led lights and make them very colourful and alive. *

Regarding The creation of chapter 1, entire space and urban planning was created by me specifically for participation in the competition.

I worked alone entirely on each detail with the full capacity I have. Just only in chapter 1, I use the following assets: scooter, train, the truck, fishes, vegatable (just some of them)…

Now, regarding chapter number two (The action is happening on a snowy day at the train station). I have decided to use the renewed ability of a D5 render and present a scene in the snowy weather, where everything is more realistic, In the present environment. I just wanted to give pleasure to viewers to feel the complete perception of reality. That was what I insight for this chapter.

Also in chapter 2, (Snowy weather) I build everything alone and I tried to use fewer assets. The architecture, the train station, the railways, the garbage canes, soda machine, pebbles, constructions etc. were made by myself. Only used the following assets: cars and the train. All passengers and moving cars are assets from D5 render.

P. S. Doing the modelling and rendering, in total, I worked 705 hours and I am proud to share my final work. I want to thank the D5 group for this unique product and I want to thank every person who is working as a team on this product.”

:earth_africa: Location of your scene: Imaginary space.

:round_pushpin: Distance: AS FAR AS CLOSE


@Vicki-Yi thank you. i sent image renders, video render and screenshots of D5 on email with google drive and wetransfer link (compressed file)

Will more images add? There is only one :slight_smile: