[Announcement] D5 Render Challenge II : Distance - How far would you go

Wow! We can look forward to another great challenge! Appreciate it :wink:

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okay sir :heart_eyes:


cool contest Im in , I really dont get this one

  • Location of your scene and the distance between it and where you are.
    (If your scene is in an imaginary space, please set a distance for it according to your inspirations and theme)

I need someone to clear it to me please @Oliver.J

hey @AnasArchViz that’s required because the theme of this challenge is “Distance”. Basically you can do whatever you like, just give it a distance value( how far the scene is located from you), which means you can reach wherever you like with the help of D5. For example, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but never got a chance to actually visit there, so I’m making a scene of Hawaii beach and maybe some architecture by the sea. After that, I just google how far is Hawaii from my home, and it says 8000km. OK then that would be the distance of my entry. But if someone makes a scene that doesn’t really exist, like cyberpunk city scene set in 2080, well we can’t google how far is that, so the creator can decide the distance himself/herself, as long as he/she thinks it makes sense.
Hope I’ve made it clear. And to anyone seeing this post that feels confused about the Challenge, feel free to contact me. :smiley:


Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Hi Anas, thanks for Vicki’s explanation, which is very clear :smiley: I think you can render whatever your want as the theme is actually very broad. To give a distance value is to better tell the story behind your renderings.

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I am interesting about grand prize. Who wins grand prize? Iam asking because there is 1st and 2nd places too. I am confused a little bit :grinning:

hi sir, this possible to make island like maldives? thanks before for answer

sure why not :eyes:


should i send video (Render) for Challenge or Youtube Video link is enough?

link and video both are required :slight_smile:

thank you for answer. but how to send? file size is large and can not upload with mail

you can attach the compressed file, that should work

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btw, how to update image, i mean like add more image and panorama sir?

How to post in a forum D5 render ?

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I’ll DM you, check your inbox Yoga :blush:

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Meet the Jury for D5 Render Challenge II | Last call for Entry!

Closing date for this year’s contest is drawing near, so seize the chance and submit now!
We have prepared a lot of awards for you, and you can pay attention to the SNS Influencer Award (:shushing_face: Try your luck on platforms that are less competitive)


Hi guys!!, any news of the contest?, I haven’t seen the results yet.
Have a nice day!

Please see here.

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