[D5 Render Challenge II] From gray to color - Michal

Theme: From gray to color
Artist: Michal
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Graphics Card: RTX 2080TI
Workflow: 3ds Max + D5
Post-processing: Shotcut
Source of assets that are not from D5 asset library: mainly Sketchfab (the whole list models in the description on youtube)

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Description of the work:

“I wanted to use D5 Render to create an animation unlike my usual day-to-day archviz, explore something unreal and full of contrast. A proof, at least in some degree, that imagination is the only limit.”

:earth_africa: Location of your scene: imaginary image

:round_pushpin: Distance: on the other side of the monitor :wink:


the concept it out of the box , congrats


maybe it will interest someone,
short making of:


exactly what I’m looking for
this is amazing!!!

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Absolutely incredible. You are amazing.

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Parabéns, muito bom!
Como você animou esta porta dentro do D5?

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In 3ds Max - expoert alembic format.

Phenomenal, the top league of rendering and work, that’s exactly what we need, so that our work is not only defined by clean geometry.
thanks for the insight


solid inspirational work, thank you Michal

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Thank you all for the kind words.

Magnífica escena e historia.
Muy buen trabajo , un saludo.

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Thank you very much.