[Scene Express] Free 3D Assets, D5 Scene Download

Everything you see here is made up of the efforts and ideas of designers.

[Scene Express] An immersive journey of fascinating beauty and souls.

We are launching a “Scene Express” campaign with the intention of displaying these works of art. Other than that, the operation team of D5, together with D5 users, is offering you a starting point for your imagination. We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration. You can share and download free 3D assets and rendering materials here.

How to get on the “Scene Express”

You can share your scenes made with D5 Render and start an express, or you can get on the express from other users by downloading the scene and making your own creation based on it.

To start a Scene Express

Select the scene you made with D5 and post it in [ D5 Forum - Activity ] with the needed information as below:

  • The download link to the complete D5 project file (the folder where the .drs file are stored)

  • Rendered still frame/animation (animated works should be uploaded to YouTube with the tag #D5Render. Copy the link to your video, and paste it into the post)

  • Introduction to the artist/scene (if necessary)

The post will be reviewed and once approved, your scene will be shown publicly in [ D5 Forum - Activity ] for other users to download.

To get on someone else’s express

Download the scene you like and create your version based on it, then share your finished work in the post of the express of your choice.

Considering the varying demands from all walks of life, we shall do our best to select the best possible scenes and seek to cover as many fields as possible. Feel free to comment and share your advice in this post. We will keep perfecting the “Scene Express” according to your feedback.

“Scene Express” Incentives

“Scene Express” offers incentives for its participants. Take part in this campaign and you will have the chance to:

  • Get the Forum Badge as a “Dazzling Artist”

  • Have your work included in D5 Film “Scene Express Special”

  • Win the D5 customized “Scene Express” presents

  • Get the D5 “Scene Express” collection book

For all the artists with approved posts of scenes, they’ll have the chance to:

  • Have their works included in the demo scenes on D5 Welcome Page with their names on it.

“Scene Express” List of included works

We will keep updating all the scenes included in “Scene Express” here for convenience. Have fun!

We appreciate everyone who participated in the campaign:

「Scene Express」Vol.01丨An Open Kitchen @QuocViPhan

「Scene Express」Vol.02丨The Airport @Yofu

「Scene Express」Vol.03丨A Chinese style courtyard
@Showing inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.04丨A Wedding Stage of Fairytale Blue @Aiyaya

「Scene Express」Vol.05丨Modern Residence @Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.06丨Merry Christmas @spotlight-studio

「Scene Express」Vol.07丨Merry Christmas @NgoVu

「Scene Express」Vol.08丨Simple & Clean Working Space @Midnight Bike

「Scene Express」Vol.09丨Cyberpunk Style Street @archdog

「Scene Express」Vol.10丨Bathroom in the Dark @GYING VISION

「Scene Express」Vol.11丨Sales Office @Sxileft

「Scene Express」Vol.12丨Villa in the Woods @Qinyuphoto

「Scene Express」Vol.13丨Night Scene of Chinese Ancient Architecture @Chiosvi

「Scene Express」Vol.14丨Winter house in the woods @RO2009

「Scene Express」Vol.15丨Antique Car in an Industrial Park @Panda

「Scene Express」Vol.16丨Courtyard @DHL

「Scene Express」Vol.17丨Aquatic Center @Sxileft

「Scene Express」Vol.18丨Handmade Model Studio @Midnight Bike

「Scene Express」Vol.19丨The Forest @Missa

「Scene Express」Vol.20丨T90 main battle Game-y Scene @Cold FrosT

「Scene Express」Vol.21丨Cyberpunk Street @JJJ

「Scene Express」Vol.22丨Space Capsule Street @tcwdxxm

「Scene Express」Vol.23丨Street on a Rainy Day @Midnight Bike

「Scene Express」Vol.24丨Happy New Year @ChengyinLin

「Scene Express」Vol.25丨The Last of Us pt.2 @JJJ

「Scene Express」Vol.26 | Abandoned Railroad @distant voices

「Scene Express」Vol.27丨Opera House by the Sea @JJJ

「Scene Express」Vol.28丨A small studio apartment @Herry Tin

「Scene Express」Vol.29丨Photo Spot @Midnight Bike

「Scene Express」Vol.30丨Light Bulb House @leo

「Scene Express」Vol.31丨Low-poly Scene of War @leo

「Scene Express」Vol.32丨RIBEIRÃO PRETO HOUSE @ekans

「Scene Express」Vol.33丨 W.I.P Apartment VN @NGOVU

「Scene Express」Vol.34丨 Dark style Kitchen/Dining room Combo @Midnight Bike

「Scene Express」Vol.35丨 Expo Park @EnJun

「Scene Express」Vol.36丨 OPUS, Zaha Hadid Architects @LINK

「Scene Express」Vol.37丨 Chinese style courtyard @JeffLee

「Scene Express」Vol.38丨 Night in Courtyard @XIXIsmine

「Scene Express」Vol.39丨 Old Street @samuel

「Scene Express」Vol.40丨 On My Way @CHOpartical

「Scene Express」Vol.41丨 Ultraman Tiga! @FGLD

「Scene Express」Vol.42丨 Your Name @ FGLD

「Scene Express」Vol.43丨 Highway to Spring @Showing Inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.44丨 Curved Glass Building @LHSXX98

「Scene Express」Vol.45丨 Bookstore visualization @TZJ

「Scene Express」Vol.46丨 D5 BBQ PLACE @FGLD

「Scene Express」Vol.47丨 residential sales center @YM

「Scene Express」Vol.48丨 Stream in the Forest @CHOpartical

「Scene Express」Vol.49丨 spirted away @TZJ

「Scene Express」Vol.50丨 Villa with Pool @Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.51丨 Commercial area @Sxileft

「Scene Express」Vol.52丨 apartment entrance @Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.53丨 airport entrance @Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.54丨 Rainy April @ququq

「Scene Express」Vol.55丨 Tropical Villa @Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.56丨 apartment @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.57丨 underground car show @SuwananakaSYZ

「Scene Express」Vol.58 Miniature model rendering @Light Architect

「Scene Express」Vol.59丨 Seaside hotel aerial view visualization @Light Architect

「Scene Express」Vol.60丨Tutorial Demo Scene @ Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.61丨 Hilltop Resort @ Pian Yu

「Scene Express」Vol.62丨 Modern Living Room @ Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.63丨 Modern Living Room in Warm Tones @ Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.64丨 Dessert House @ BKsama

「Scene Express」Vol.65丨 Indoor Residence - Modern Wabi-Sabi Living Room @ Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.66丨 Bathroom @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.67丨 Neo-Chinese Style Study Room @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.68丨 Green Kitchen @ atmosvisualization

「Scene Express」Vol.69丨 Classroom @ Guo Ba

「Scene Express」Vol.70丨 Skyscraper @ Egoist

「Scene Express」Vol.71丨 Digital Product Render @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.72丨 Coffee Shop @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.73丨 Realistic Villa @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.74丨Townhouses @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.75丨 Officeroom @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.76丨 Modern Dining Room @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.77丨Villa(2) @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.78丨 EVA @ Guo Ba

「Scene Express」Vol.79丨 McLaren @ Guo Ba

「Scene Express」Vol.80丨Wooden House @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.81丨 Villa(3) @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.82丨 Bedroom @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.83丨Villa(4) @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.84丨High Rise Building @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.85丨Pocket Park @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.86丨Villa(5) @ ZRJ

「Scene Express」Vol.87丨Waterfront @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.88丨Hotspring @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.89丨Meeting Room @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.90丨D5 Converter - 3Ds Max Demo Scene @ Showing Inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.91丨Set sail @ DHL

「Scene Express」Vol.92丨Test Office @ RO2009

「Scene Express」Vol.93丨Test Apartment @ RO2009

「Scene Express」Vol.94丨European Architecture @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.95丨Pandas @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.96丨Modern Shopping Street @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.97丨D5 Converter - 3Ds Max Demo Scene - Interior @ Andrew

「Scene Express」Vol.98丨Modern Luxurious Living Room @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.99丨Modern Villa @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.100丨Dragon @ JJJ

「Scene Express」Vol.101丨Modern Villa @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.102丨Klee @ GuoB

「Scene Express」Vol.103丨Neighbourhood @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.104丨Pianist at Doomsday @ PIKA

「Scene Express」Vol.105丨Doraemon @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.106丨Villa @ ShiftYun

「Scene Express」Vol.107丨Villa in the Forest @ RO2009

「Scene Express」Vol.108丨Roketomobil @ dvikune

「Scene Express」Vol.109 | Tou Fu Shop @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.110丨Living Room @ Quốc Vĩ Phan

「Scene Express」Vol.111丨City View @ Wu Ge

「Scene Express」Vol.112丨Bedroom @ DJ123

「Scene Express」Vol.113丨Apartment @ Ali Ceylan

「Scene Express」Vol.114丨Lost Amusement Park @ Yuan-0

「Scene Express」Vol.115丨Chinese Courtyard @ Showing Inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.116丨Amusement park @ Rice Noodle

「Scene Express」Vol.117丨Pink Car @ JJJ

「Scene Express」Vol.118丨D5 Render 2.3 Trailer Video Demo Scene City Street @ Showing Inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.119丨Samuka Museum @ demonblunt

「Scene Express」Vol.120丨Camping in Waterfront Park @ QLCD

「Scene Express」Vol.121丨Miniature Garden @ QLCD

「Scene Express」Vol.122丨Hut in the Forest @ MaoMaoYuan

「Scene Express」Vol.123丨Children’s Park @ QLCD

「Scene Express」Vol.124丨Kitchen-Living Room @ DJ123

「Scene Express」Vol.125丨Summer Fireworks @ Light

「Scene Express」Vol.126丨Miniature Court @ Light

「Scene Express」Vol.127丨Warm Living Room @ Reset

「Scene Express」Vol.128丨Digital Product Store @ LINK

「Scene Express」Vol.129丨Ancient Chinese Inn @ BKsama

「Scene Express」Vol.130丨Office @ Jing

「Scene Express」Vol.131丨Way Back Home @ Jason

「Scene Express」Vol.132丨B&B at Hillside @ MaoMaoYuan

「Scene Express」Vol.133丨Old Street @ CS

「Scene Express」Vol.134丨Rhino Tutorial Demo Scene Commercial Complex @ Trimanonymous

「Scene Express」Vol.135丨Sea of Clouds @ Showing Inspiration

「Scene Express」Vol.136丨R3TD - House @ Minh Hồ

「Scene Express」Vol.137丨Sophisticated Bedroom @ atmosvisualization

「Scene Express」Vol.138丨Night Scene in 10 Minutes @ RO2009


hello, first of all, I would like to thank those who shared the scenes that helped us improve our skills and get to know the program in this forum.
I have a basic and simple question;

  • How do we open the downloaded file with D5 Render?
    ( In d5 render , open, select the file, and the empty file opens. Where am I doing wrong? )


select the file “DRS-Datei”

I put the downloaded file on the desktop.
When I double click on the ‘.DRS’ file you show in the image, it does not open.

  • When you open the program, it opens an empty file.
    where is the problem i cant find it :frowning:

Hi there, would you please tell us if this happens to just one file or all the downloaded files?

hi, it happened with all the files i downloaded.
I found the solution, but it’s very strange, I couldn’t understand why it did such a thing. my solution steps
1- open a new blank file
2- To save the file I opened with a different name in the .drs folder of the downloaded file.
3- To close the empty file and open the .Drs file I downloaded from the

As for why I did this, when I tried to open the file I got the error you see in the first image below, while saving the empty file I got the error in the second image.

Hi there, please make sure that the file path is in English. Also please check if the file has been unzipped or not.

Kind Regards.

hello, for the problem in question, I can grant remote access to the pc. unusual situation as someone who uses various visualization programs. :slight_smile:

Hi, please check your private message. Sorry for the inconvenience, we would arrange remote access for you to solve the problem.

Hello D5 Team, there are some [Scenes Express] in which download links have been broken or deleted,
Those links are vol 3,4,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18,19, the rest are all fine,
If you can fix all of them that would be great,
Thank you very much.

Hi except vol.14 which needs the author to fix the link, the rest have all been restored. Please check.
Kind Regards.

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Thank you, bot.
You guys are the best.

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hi sorry i have the same problem too i can’t open download scene file can you please help me

Hello, could you let me know which one you can’t open?

hi ! the name is Midnight Bike - Street on a Rainy Day

Hi, would you please tell us the hardware info of your PC? This is a very large file requiring at least 32GB RAM to run it.

Kind Regards.

hi, ok my pc is 16GB RAM an the graphic card is nvidia Geforce rtx 2070, but if I insert a USB key with 128GB do you that will work.

It would be useful if the summary info required to post a project on Scene Express, included the modeling software. (Some projects have a header containing “Workflow” information, where this is listed - others don’t)
Since many artists include the model in the SE package, knowing before I download will help me choose one project over another, based on my own preference of modeler.