[Scene Express Vol.72] Free 3D Assets, D5 Scene Download - Coffee Shop

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Artist Bio:

Wu Ge
Graphics Card: 2070
Workflow: 3ds max + D5 Render

About the Scene

Coffee Shop

Preview of the Scene


I really appreciate this Coffee shop, and the lighting is easy but efficient. So we delete the coffee shop model in max then save it as a template. I think it is a good template, and you can put your models into it to get a not-bad effect.
bubble_tea_and_fast_food_restaurant 1.7z - Google Drive

guys any link is working anymore =/ please update

Hello, the link has been updated. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for the share but googledrive is dead again.

Link dowload mode hư, cho tôi xin lại link dowload

If you need download the model, you can click the number after the ’ Download Link’.

I’d be glad if you update the link.

I checked this file and this file download link is valid, you can download it by clicking on this number.