[Scene Express Vol.149]Vegetable Garden with Crops from D5 Asset Library

We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration.

:link: Download Link[149]
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Artist Bio

The one who likes farming

Graphics card: RTX 3060
Workflow: 3ds Max + D5 Render

About the Scene

Vegetable Garden with Crop Assets from D5 Asset Library

900+ new assets added into the built-in D5 Asset Library in D5 Render 2.3.

Preview of the Scene


Is the 3ds max file included with the zipped project…!!?
Thank you

Hi there, max file is not included as the copyright belongs to the author. You can download and play with the .drs file inside. Have a nice day!

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Can you please send the link again

Hi, link has updated! cheers.