[Scene Express Vol.03] Showing inspiration - A Chinese Style Courtyard

We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration.

:earth_asia: Departure Station:Hang Zhou, China
:link: Download Link : [Vol.3 Courtyard.7z](WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free)
:arrow_right: What is “Scene Express” : [Scene Express] - An immersive journey of fascinating beauty and souls

Artist Bio :

@Showing Inspiration

Graphics Card: RTX 3090

About The Scene

  1. A well-distributed scene of courtyard representing Chinese architecture.
  2. Two sets of scenes: Shadows in daylight, and street lamps at dusk.
  3. A large number of artificial hill models and parameters of water material for you to add to the local asset library.

This is a relatively huge scene. It is recommended to use graphics cards of RTX3060 or higher.

Preview of the Scene







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Can you please fix this issue. Thanks.

Hello, try changing a browser or clearing the caches? From the error message it seems related to google user content, since the link the google drive download link. Sorry that we cannot reproduce the problem you met:

Also, you can try switching a network or google account.

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its work. thank you :green_heart:

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hello, the file has been deleted on the drive, please update the link.
Thank you!

Sorry, I’m late. The new link has been updated, you can download it now.

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