[Scene Express Vol.155] Free D5 Render Scene | House of Light

We hope the “scene express” can take you on a ride of amazing works and beautiful souls, fueling you with a spark of inspiration.

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:arrow_right: What is “Scene Express” : [Scene Express] - An immersive journey of fascinating beauty and souls.

Artist Bio

Graphics card: RTX3090
Workflow: 3dmax+D5

About the Scene

House of Light

Preview of the Scene


Thank you for sharing your work…
Unfortunately; my D5 Render crashes when I tried to open your project…!!
I may guess the reason is the huge project size (2.4 GB)… after extracting the downloaded rar file I found a sub folder named (asset) is more than 8 GB
Searching more, I found a file (1.d5mesh) with 6 GB size
House Of Light\asset\d5a\6E8F4BDD484123149F685CB7CDB3BFC6
1- I just wonder why such a simple scene comes with a huge size !!?
2- Is there un-needed files or folders that can be removed, just to help the application to run the project?