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Artist Bio:

About the Scene

Roketomobil is a song from a band named Valentino Bošković.

Valentino is a fictional character and the first man from the island of Brač (Dalmatia, Croaria) to be in space.

When I heard this song for the first time, with the influence of Moebius, I imagined his space travels and had to do some renderings in D5.

I’m going to share this scene and renderings with you and hope some of you will make your own vision and atmosphere for this scene.

Hope you like it.

Song: Valentino Boskovic - Roketomobil - YouTube

Car model: Fićo Zastava 750 - Wikipedia // 3Dmodel from: Zastava 750 Fico | 3D model

HDRIs: HDRIs: Space- Greyscalegorilla

Preview of the Scene


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