Recommended video driver 528.02 for Nvidia GPU and D5 2.4

We have noticed that some users recently reported that the D5 software crashes. We have conducted detailed positioning and analysis, and found that the problem is caused by several latest versions of Nvidia driver.

We recommend that users roll back the graphics card driver, or directly install the 528.02 graphics card driver.

The recommended graphics card driver version is: NVIDIA Studio 528.02 - release date: 2023-1-5.

Installation Guide:

  1. Go to the official NVIDIA driver website and choose this 528.02 version:
    [Official GeForce Drivers | NVIDIA]( NVIDIA Studio Driver | 528.02 | Windows 11)

  2. Click “Download Now” and wait for the download to complete.

  3. Double-click the downloaded “528.02-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-nsd-dch-whql.exe” to start installing the driver.

  4. Select the extraction path and click “OK”, and wait for the decompression to complete.

  5. Choose to install “NVIDIA Graphics Driver”. Click “Agree and Continue”.

  6. Select “Custom”. Click “Next”.

  7. Select “Perform a clean installation”. Click “Next”.

During the installation process, your display may experience several black screens or display size changes, which is normal.

  1. The installation is complete.

i’ve tried everything, drivers from 528.02 to 531.41, re-installed the program, rebooting the pc, windows updates and the program keeps crashing, @Oliver.J gave me a solution a few days ago and it worked for 1 day, next day i had the same problem again, i have a 1 month delay in 90% of my projects after i updated to 2,4 and 2.4.1 and i dont know what to do, please help @Ryann-Z

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Hi mate, sorry for that. It seems that something else is causing the problem on your computer. Can you use the support tool to collect a log file again then send it to us?

Besides, please let me know your Windows system version.
And if the problem does not happen to 2.3, you can use 2.3 as a current workaround.
D5 Render 2.3 Download - Get Help - D5 RENDER FORUM

hello my friend, i’ll send you the log file in a minute, i hope we can find the solution so i can continue using the 2.4 version

Hello, I just wanted to share my opinion; I hate the fact that I cannot update to 2.4 becuase I am scared of my files not working anymore and then the recommendation is to not update if you have new project and with the projects I have and always praying to get new clients I doubt I will ever be able to update to 2.4
Oh and the thing I can say lumion has that D5 dont is the grass, lumion grass looks more realistic but still, I only use D5 but would be nice to have similar grass.

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Already did. Didnt work.