D5 network stability test


Recently we are working on improving our servers for D5 Assets Library globally, therefore, it will help us a lot if you can participate in this test to let us know the downloading speed when you use D5 Render.
Please download this tool and follow the below steps, and it will take about 10 minutes to generate a log file. You can also run it in the background.

After you finish the steps, please send the file to support@d5techs.com or contact us here.
Also, you can let us know your D5 account email address to get 5 D5 Grains.

Thanks in advance!


here are the steps to run a network detection tool, which is aiming to check your connection condition and the downloading speed. We are planning to upgrade our servers across the world, but before that, hope you can help us collect the network and speed of your ISP/region, and this tool is only used by who meet network related problems when using D5 Render.

speedtesttool.7z (109.5 KB)


  1. download the above file, then unzip it, you will get 4 files:

  2. Move all of them to the installation folder of D5 Render. If it asks you whether to replace old files, do not replace them.

  3. Run the NetWorkStat.exe, then start test:

  4. It will take about at most 10 minutes, and we can let it run in the background.
    When it is done, click Export report

  5. Send the exported log file to D5 tech support, we will check the net conditions and find a way to upgrade our server based on those info you provide, thanks!


I ran the test and sent the file

ok, thanks bro

how do I send my test file?

Hello, please send it to support@d5techs.com

hi! I sent my test file to the email that you gave. thanks

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Hola equipo de D5 Render envié el archivo de prueba del test, espero no sea demasiado tarde y pueda servir de algo mi contribución.
Saludos desde México