How can i download all assets at once to fasten design process?

i want to download all assets so i can choose and place what ever i want. now because D5 has huge library. its really hard do select and place during design phase.

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or it should have a favorite per category.

Hello, sorry we do not have this feature, since our assets library is very big, and it is still being expanded, we would suggest you download assets only when they are needed… :grinning:

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I hope can download all assets library to use offline. Because my internet speed very slow

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Hello, can you run this tool then send me logs? We are going to optimize our servers based on the network condition. D5 network stability test - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

Hi Oliver!

Is there a way to work offline on D5 and still use the assets?? I never had the issue, but it could be a big problem if the network is out for maintenance or if i work away from my office.

Hi atelierHKD, sorry that for now D5 needs network connection to use the assets, I would suggest you download assets you need, and leave alone those you do not need.
In my opinion, to optimize our server can also help.
Could you run this network test then send me the log? D5 network stability test - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

I didnt notice that assets i already download were store in local, that’s great! i thought i had to redownload them for each project. Thanks for the quick answer!

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