Can not use assets and scatter

hello, after re-open D5, it dont show me assets as sections (furniture, nature and etc) and also i can not use scatter and brush. :confused:

Hi george, it seems a network issue. Could you please finish this test then send me a log file? ( it takes a few minutes)
D5 network stability test - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

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Hello @Oliver.J i sent the file. hope soon will be avialble to use D5 models and skatter.

ok, thanks. By the way, have you used the library before? Rebooting the router may help.

Yes of course i was using the library perfect. I just saved my model and close D5, after 20-30 min i re-open it but without library and also as i said can not use Skatter and Brush.
Okey, tommorow i wil try. Thanks Oliver