Problem login in D5 render. Username or password incorrect

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: rtx 2070super
Driver Version: last drivers
Issue Description: error login
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

On the website, I can log in with no problem. When I try to log in inside the program, I get the error “Username or password incorrect”. It doesn’t make sense.
Also in the first picture, I don’t know why the welcome screen appears like that, you can not see the demo scene or anything related to that. I am connected to the internet at home.
I checked what was suggested in the forum regarding this problem. I turned off Windows defender and the firewall of Windows. The problem persists.


Hello, it seems that something’s wrong with the network, could you switch a network then try again?
Also, you could run a tool then send me logs:
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Besides, does your computer or your company have special security settings or firewall?

I tried with the network of my phone, and it did work.
Then, it looks like I have a problem with the network of my house (I dont have any security settings at my network at home I am aware of…). Is there any way I can fix my network? I am completely blind on this topic, I have no idea how to proceed. Thank you.

And when I get inside the program and my PRO profile user (using my phone internet data, still I can not make it work with my home internet), still the assets don’t load properly.
Here an example of what I see, empty assets. In the previos versions, it was working good.

I have sent and email with the test you suggested to do.