Still more d5 asset library internet problem

I bought the Pro version for the first time last week. The biggest problem I have is accessing the D5 library. Guys, your library is so flawed. I am constantly having internet problems. I use it for 5 minutes and suddenly I’m having internet problems. I can’t download, I can’t see models. To fix this, I close and open the program each time. It’s been working fine for a while and I’m having the same problem again. I have been using D5 for almost 2 years, unfortunately you still could not solve the problems in your library and I see that there are many users like me who have problems with this issue. I will definitely have to take this into consideration next time I think about buying the Pro version. I hope you can find solutions for your library as soon as possible. Because the fact that this situation has not been resolved yet is a big problem for you. You need to make this a priority now because most of those who want to use the PRO version use it for access to the library, but if we can’t get this access properly, what will be the benefit of purchasing the PRO version?

Hi Furkan,

Sorry to hear that you ran into that problem, and thank you for joining D5 Pro and letting us know this feedback. In D5 2.3, we will upgrade the program itself from coding aspect, so the overall performance will become better.

Besides, we really wish you can finish this network test then send me the log file for analysis. Our server optimization is WIP, thanks in advance!
D5 network stability test - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

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Hi Oliver, after having this problem I bought ethernet cable and my problem is solved. Previously, I was connecting to the internet with a wireless connection and I was constantly having problems in the library. Your library still needs stability. Because there are too many users providing wireless connection and any fluctuation on the internet is painful, the D5 library is not working.

Alright, no problem, we will optimize the server for sure.

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