[Hot issue] D5 Render cannot open or crashes with AMD GPU #20221031

Hi there, since last week we have received several support tickets mentioning users cannot open any D5 scene files, or D5 Render kept crashing.
After testing and investigation, we found this issue is related to the latest video drivers from Nvidia and AMD, please notice the problem and do not update your video driver until they bring a fix.

Issue description

For Nvidia GPU users (mainly RTX 30- series), if your video driver is the lastest Game Ready 526.47, you may not be able to open D5 scene files, or it gets stuck when you updating assets/adding light objects.

For AMD GPU users, the issue is the same if you are using the latest version of video driver (Adrenalin 22.10.3), or D5 Render crashes after opening a scene file.


If you use Nvidia RTX 20/30 series, please install 516.94:
GeForce Game Ready Driver | 516.94 | Windows 11 | NVIDIA
If you use Nvidia RTX 40 series, please install 522.25:
GeForce Game Ready Driver | 522.25 | Windows 11 | NVIDIA

If you use AMD GPU, please install 22.8.1 (please scroll down on that page):
AMD Radeon™ Previous Drivers | AMD

After reinstalling the video driver, please reboot your computer. And do not forget to back up your important project files.

Our team are working on solving the problem, and we will keep you updated here.

D5 Support team



Thank you for the update. Recently upgraded to an RTX 4090 on my office workstation and haven’t found a fix or workaround that will allow me to open up one of my existing D5 files. I tried to roll back my driver to 522.25, but unfortunately no luck. New files within D5 open just fine so I’m still able to start new projects. Will there be updates to the software that will fix the 526.47 driver bug any time soon? Need to get back into one of my existing files as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,


hi Oliver,
me with nvidia STUDIO 522.30 (10/08/2022) and D5 drives no problem.

(windows 10 + RTX 3070)


Hi Eric,

All existing files cannot be opened anymore? First, after installing video drivers, please reboot your computer first. Then you can click here to know whether the video driver has been installed completely:

The error needs Nvidia to release a fix, but I think it won’t take long. You can send a sample D5 Scene file to support@d5techs.com for further troubleshooting. Also, export a log via D5 Support tool then attach it.
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM


Thank you bro, hope this can help others who may need this info.

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I rolled back my drivers and it works fine now. Thanks to all!!

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