What are the naming rules when batch importing PBR textures into D5?

The PBR material system includes two sets of workflows, the metallic/roughness system and the specular/glossiness system. D5 supports the metallic/roughness workflow. The textures imported by users must conform to the suffix naming rules of this workflow so that the textures can be correctly identified.

The rules for mapping suffixes and mapping slots in the metallic/roughness workflow are as follows:

[ Base Color ] Map slot: _color(_col) /_base color /_basecolor /_albedo

[ Specular ] Map slot: _specularLevel

[ Metallicity ] Map slot: _metallic / _ metalness

[ Normal ] Map slot: _normal(_nrm)/_bump

[ Roughness ] Map slot: _roughness(_rough)

[ AO ] Map slot: _ambient occlusion(_ao)

[ Transparent ] Map slot: _opacity

[ Height ] Map slot: _displacement(_disp)/_height

Other texture suffixes may cause incorrect effects or cannot be imported, and users need to correct them by themselves.