Video driver crashed and was reset

this problem occurs periodically, so you need to AutoSave in the program

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Hi Sergey,

Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please elaborate the issue for us? Like when will the problem occur? in which step?

Hi, Jessie.
I think the problem is caused by CPU congestion. For example, when another application besides D5 is running. Error like Azat’s. In any case, AutoSave will not be superfluous.


Hi Sergey,

Thank you for your reply and suggestion!
We’ll add it on agenda.

Hello Jessie,
I am using the latest version for D5 render ie. 1.8. But still i am getting the same error saying that - Video driver crashed & was reset. Not sure what is the issue. I am also attaching the Log file in this message. Please have a look & update us.

Awaiting the solution ASAP. (155.5 KB)

Thanks & Regards.

Hi vicky,

What are the driver version and your graphic card information? Please run D5 as admin, then restart your computer and see whether the issue would remain.

Best regards,

Hi everyone,

we get the same problem with a project. Some days ago we reported a bug with changed project coordinates when using the archicad sync with a teamwork project. To deal with this problem we tried to export the project as a sketchup file and imported it to D5. Now we get a crash, when we try to render the scene. As long as we are just editing in the preview mode every thing is fine.

Best, A


Hi Alex,

Have you tried the steps I posted above? Right-click D5->Run as administrator. Then restart PC and render the project again. If the problem remains, please compress logs in this place and send them to

• Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
•Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”


Hi Oliver,
Thanks for the reply. I tried running D5 as admin but still facing the same issue.

Graphics cards : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Driver version : 466.27

I have same issue on Lenovo Legion 5, AMD Ryzen 5800H, 3070RTX.
Everytime after I click on Render → Photo D5 render shut down with message above.

Driver 462.31 Studio (144.2 KB)

Hi fam,

Please check this page: Crashes/Restarts/Fails to Load - Feature - AnswerHub - D5 RENDER FORUM (

  1. The first thing is that we’d better make sure the video driver version is 457.51, since this version has been through amount of tests and functions well, besides, the best video driver is the most stable one, not the latest one.

  2. After running D5 as Admin, please restart your computer. Since Windows system will automatically calculate the response time of the graphics card, sometimes the graphics card is still working, but Windows triggers TDR(Timeout detection and recovery) and turn off D5. After starting the D5 render as administrator, we will modify the default TDR response time and it takes effect after the computer restarts( no need to do it multiple times)

Please let me know whether it can help, if the problem remains, we will involve more resource to look into this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the problem. :pray:


Hello Oliver,
as my laptop was introduced in 2021, I cannot use any 45X driver, only 46X… I’ve tried trick with TDR (also use Tdrdelay.reg file from Lumion), but no sucess, D5 render exits everytime I click on render-photo…

Many thanks Jiri

All right, sorry to hear that. How much GB is your video memory?

And here are the other two possible causes for this problem: Crashes/Restarts/Fails to Load - Feature - AnswerHub - D5 RENDER FORUM (

Please let me know if the problem remains, I will send your log to our tech team for further troubleshooting. Thank you for your patience!


Hello Oliver,
I have brand new Lenovo Legion 5 laptop with nVIDIA 3070 RTX with 8GB video memory. Tried all drivers available (all are 46X as this laptop is brand new - so I cannot install 45X drivers). I’ve blocked all software, but issue still remails…

Many thanks any solution Jiri

Hi jura55,

There are two folders named “Logs”. Please compress them and send to, which can help us know the crash issue better
• Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
• Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”

Besides, you mentioned the problem occurs when rendering photos, so is the scene file very large? It would be good if you could share with me the scene file as well as the logs.
(The scene file is the folder which contains the .drs file)

I am sorry for the inconvenience, and we do want to help. So if you don’t want to use email, please share logs via private message on this forum.

Best regards,

logs are here:!Arf-_OLLGj-ig8FNwFo-UjeKSs0YsA?e=BFZWc6

Many thanks Jiri

Hi Jiri,

I have downloaded the logs and involved more resources to look into it. I will inform you when any updates come out. Thank you for your patience!


Hello Oliver , may I know are there any driver 46xx version that woould work stable with D5 ? Im experiencing the same issue as Jura55

After updated to 466. my DLSS stop working
and I have been trying to follow all of the recommendation here

Hi christian,

Sorry to hear that. Could you give some details about how ‘DLSS stop working’?
The scene had no difference after you switched DLSS, or something else?
If would be good if you can share a screenshot or video with us, we will help you narrow down the issue cause first.