Render Crash and Unable to Load

D5 Render Version: 2.5.1
Graphics Card: 4060 notebook version
Driver Version: 536.99
Issue Description: Render crash and unable to load project
Screenshots/Videos Description:

It is a normal-looking interior scene, no rain or snow outside. Custom HDRI used.
Unable to fully render the 8s scene without crashing.
No message or pop-outs when crashing just exit itself to Windows homepage.

Upgraded the NVIDIA drivers to its latest version but the problem worsened to unable to load the project, it stopped at 30-50% and required the task manager to terminate.
Revert it back to driver version as listed but problem still exists.

Log files are too big to upload.
Link google drive here :

Hi mate, from the log files it crashed due to the GPU but we still uncertain about that. To confirm, does it crash with the other scenes even the empty one? Can you send the scene to us for troubleshooting?

You can also refer to this blog for possible solutions: Crashes/Restarts/Fails to Load - Get Help / AnswerHub - D5 RENDER FORUM

If the problem persists, please run a clean installation of the video driver, and also run this dll repair tool: Got notification of “Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?” or stop loading at 0% - Get Help / AnswerHub - D5 RENDER FORUM 2

Last, Do you have the CPU overclocked, please turn off them and then check the result. Also, how large is your computer’s RAM frequency? You can turn off X.M.P or lower the frequency.

Hi, it did crash with other scenes too, but I solved it today by separating the upper and lower floor models in SketchUp and combining them back in D5 render. ( import )

I hid the other floor when I was rendering the ground floor to reduce the load on the GPU… guess it worked…
It also fixed the loading problem, although I don’t really need to hide any models like I did in rendering.

Just putting this here for any future ref. in case anyone has a huge model.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience.