Coordinates change after archicad reload / sync

rtx 2060:
Import geometry coordinates changing during model reload / sync in archicad. Cameras and D5 assets stay in original location while the newly imported geometry relocates.

Can’t move the updated geometry to match the original location manually because the vegitation assets are linked to the terrain and as as a result they also move when the main model is moved.

Works fine if original archicad file is synced without closing the program while reopening the archicad file and syncing results in a change of coordinates.

Is there a work around for this? **

Hi @slangiff ,

Could you please record a video of the issue, which can help us know it better.

Thank you very much!

Hi everyone,

Did you solve this problem? We experienced the same issue with some projects exactly as slangiff described it.

Before there is a video description, we are still not sure whether it is a bug. :handshake:

Hi whao,

How can i send you a 32 MB MP4 file? I tried but got a failure message.

Best Alex

Hi whao,

here is the link for the video:

This ist what i did in the video:

1.) showing the stable link between archicad and d5 render (it is a teamwork file in archicad)
2.) you can see 3 spotlights in the model that i placed there as a reference
3.) the coordinates of the linked archicad model are: x -19778 y -35940 z -1080
4.) i close d5 after saving the file (on a NAS file server that is permanetly connected)
5.) i closed archicad
6.) i reopen archicad
7.) start d5 from the archicad palette
8.) chose the d5 file that i saved before
9.) start the sync in archicad
10.) the synced model is now on these coordinates: x -39556 y -71880 z -2160 (exactly the double numbers from the coordinates before). You can see the 3 spotlights in the topview.

If i would delete the linked model in d5 and then reload the file via archicad plugin the model would be at the coordinates from the beginning:

x -19778 y -35940 z -1080


Hi everyone,

i made an upload with the video on the forum two days ago. Did anyone could take a look at the problem?


Hi Alex,

Sorry for the late reply. We have checked the video yesterday and been working on identifying the issue cause. I have consulted the product team and they told me we cannot make sure the coordinate fixed and what we keep is the models’ relative position.
But the coordinates doubled as you mentioned, and sure it looks like a BUG. Therefore we need more time to deploy the test environment and do tests.
Can you send me the ArchiCAD file via email or a sharing link? My email is

And once any updates come out, I will contact you ASAP.