Cannot login email in D5render Program

Hi , today I purchased D5 Render and confirm the license in D5 account center;
but when I login email in d5 program, it showed “Wrong email or Password”

Is there any settings of the firewall changed to allow to connect to server?

Please help, Thanks so much!

Hi Sashi,

In the Windows Firewall settings, change settings and open network for D5 Render here.

If this will not work, feel free to reply to me and I will share our server ports with you in a private message.


Hi Oliver,

In the Windows Firewall Settings, there is one D5 Render item “d5_launcher.exe” only, can you please share your server ports in a private message, thanks a lot.


Hi Oliver - could I also receive the server ports please.

Having the same issue

yes, please check your private messages. Normally you need to ask the IT department of your company to approve this.

Hi Oliver, I just bought the software and I have the same login problem. Please tell me how to solve it. Thank you.

could you log in this site: D5 Render ?
And does it show you have Pro subscription?

If yes, then the problem is only with the client app. You need to turn off antivirus software/ Windows defender, then reopen D5 Render and log in again.

If the problem remains, do you use company network? If your company has special blocking settings, please let me know, and I will send you our server address to add them to whitelist.

Oliver, Stopped antivirus and firewall, Also windows defender and Windows firewalls. it started working. Thank you!!

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My pleasure, and I am glad to hear it. By the way, now if you turn on firewall then open D5, it should work as well, right? I think it only affects the first time you logged in D5 Render.