Weird lighting and reflection with relatively big scenes

Hello there, my name is Essam and I’m a pro user of D5 Render.
I encountered an issue with lighting and reflection with relatively big scenes, as the scene looks normal when it is small sized, but it seems that if i import an object that is far away from origin, suddenly the scene doesn’t look right anymore, specially reflections. For me it seems like we have a limit for the size of a project regarding how far from the origin point objects are, and as soon as we exceed the limit, it start to look bad.
In the following example, whenever I try to move the tree away from the origin more than 130000 units in any axis, as you can see the scene doesn’t look right any more.
For me it’s a shame because this forces me to use D5 just in interiors without any far objects, and i never dare to use it in exterior, as this issue is present since version 1.7 and it happened to me always, just i haven’t got time to write to you.
Sorry for the long post guys, I really appreciate your efforts and really respect you so much and expect big future for D5.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hello, thanks for posting here. But the issue you posted is not normal behavior, also it is not a limit we set in D5 Render… :relaxed: I believe we can solve this problem and let you do exterior rendering with D5.
We tried to repro the issue you met, but we did not succeed. Could you please compress and send this scene file folder to us? our email is

To confirm, the only thing that caused this change is the position of the tree?
Also, please make sure your video driver is updated.
Please share with us the scene file, or tell me detailed repro steps. Thank you very much!


Hello, thank you very much, we have identified this bug and will fix it in the next version(D5 Render 2.1). :+1:

Wow !!, Oliver himself !!! :smile: , How are you !!! .
Thank you so much for answering, I really appreciate your effort here and on Facebook, and I appreciate all the team’s work as well.

Best regards my friend !!!

PS: If you like I still can send you the file if nessecary for you.

Hello, I am fine, and I hope you are safe and fine too :grinning:
I consulted the tech team and they told me we will fix this issue in the next version.
No need to send the file now, since I have reproed the issue. But still thank you for reporting this.

You are most welcome !!!, please send my regards to the whole team !!!

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Tengo el mismo inconveniente, y debido a eso no puedo cumplir con un trabajo. Tratare de dejarlo pendiente hasta que lo solucionen con el siguiente parche.

Gracias essammax1 por compartir el error y a Oliver.J por la pronta respuesta e intención de solución.

Saludos cordiales.

Carlos María Escola Abbate

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