D5 Render wish list!

Hello guys !!, I have some requests from the great developers, but wanted to clarify some points, I really love D5 render so much and since the beginning I could foresaw the potential of this great software and I never hesitated to invest in it, and also I really respect the team developing it so much !!, Love you guys !!!
My name is Essam Awad and I’m a pro user, I’m an architect/3d generalist, with 16 years in the field, and I use a ton of 3D packages and render engines including Unreal, Lumion and twinmotion and I would really appreciate it if you find the time and look into my following requests.
I’m preparing this list while working on my projects for a year now, and with every update of D5, I also remove from it as D5’s great team is already doing a great job developing this great software
and already implemented alot of what I originally wrote, and fixes for bugs I encountered.

The following list is a wish list of mine, and I don’t know if all of it can be technically done, but anyways here goes :

1 - Adding the ability to isolate objects ( Preferably to isolate by materials if this can be done ).

2 - If we can have the orthogaphic views to have the wireframe mode to be in quads instead of every object trianglated it would be more beneficial and usable.

3 - Adding shortcut keys for speed the camera up and down incrementally. ( So it can be reached easily and quickly rather than the toolbar as this is always used when navigating )

4 - When duplicating an object from the List window on the left, it would be perfect to just copy this object atop the original one in the viewport ( The case now is that u have to re position again after copying )

5 - The ability to open a group in viewport to select multiple objects inside it ( Like in 3ds max )

6 - Orthographic views renders.

7 - The ability to create Decals. ( also one of the features that will give alot of varietes to the great existing material library)

8 - The ability to slow down sliders by holding down a key while dragging the slider ( Please refer to lumion )

9 - Random rotation for duplicated foliage. ( or adding the ability to randomize rotation and/or scale for multiple selected foliage ) ( Please refer to lumion )

10 - The ability to see the name of the texture and it’s location on the hard disc ( like when hovering the mouse over it in the materials panels )

11 - When adding clips to render queue, the videos should take the same name as the name of the clip, and the output of the video too.

12 - the ability to move objects by typing a specific value in the transform axis value fields ( like the offset mode in Max )

13 - the ability to move objects on their local axis.

14 - Adding formulas to the values fields ( For example if the current position of an object is 1000, and i would like to move it by 400 units, I would type in the field 1000+400) ( Please refer to Max or Unreal )

15 - Dragging Value fields should stop moving when the mouse stop.

16 - Revise the objects panel (preferably a more flexible pannel, like the Max layers panel or Unreal outliner) as it is so sluggish and hard to organize :

  • Adding sorting ability. ( By name, type … etc )

  • Dragging and moving the objects through the list should be easier. Also like dragging objects while using mouse scroll to go up or down the list faster.

  • The ability to scroll the list with the mouse scroll while dragging an object

  • This pannel handles the sequence of arranging objects very weird when creating new
    objects, which make it hard to select objects later on, as you may find two objects in the
    viewport next to each other, however in the pannel they are far away, i think this is related to
    how the program handles copying and duplicating objects with Shift-Drag method.

  • the ability to select objects in the panel and right click-Cut and then paste it inside a group ( or a folder ). Or right click opens up a drop down menu in which we can choose to send this
    object to an existing folder or create new folder, etc …

17 - Snapping incrementally like Unreal while transforming objects. ( and the ability to change the increments )

18 - I would really like adding the ability to edit objects in the assets library, like removing the cushions from a couch asset. ( this will give us freedom and also will increase the variety of a single asset)

19 - In the asset library, would be nice to show the full name of an asset when hovering on the name of the asset with the mouse.

20 - In the asset library, would be nice to have the ability to quickly find sets and families for sofas, chairs and tables, or any matching sets of assets. ( Maybe right click an asset and select Show Asset Family) this would save alot of searching time when designing interiors).

21 - Sometimes Undo doesn’t work after scaling an object.

22 - Undo also shouldn’t deselect an object or a material.

23 - Duplicating and object using shift drag, should keep the original object in place and translates the new clone, what happens now, is the opposite, it moves the excisting object

and keep the new in its place.( this is really annoying also because it misses up the sequence in the objects panel, specially if the excisting object is in a group already, as it takes it out of the group) which also as a consequence mess up the arrangement of object already saved for a scene in the scene list.

24 - Adding layers capabilities like in max or Unreal. (Please !!!) it would help also with arranging the object used for each scene by creating a layer that contains groups for each scene.

also this is a great way to prevent newly created objects to be included in all of the already created Scenes (Cameras).

25 - scaling particles, and maybe controling the opacity of them, specially the smoke ( To create steam effect for a hot cup for example )

26 - The ability to stop cars wheels.

27 - The edges of the triangles are showing when having a flat object with holes, like a ceiling with holes for light units. ( Look closely at the ceiling in the following picture )

28 - More extensions for output pictures, specially extensions with high dynamic range like 16 or 32 bit .Png, .exr …

29 - The ability to output videos in picture sequences formats ( Png sequence for example ).

30 - Emissive objects should have stronger lighting effect near them. ( please see included picture )

This is what I could achieve :

This is what it should look like :


31 - Fixing the bug addressed in this post ( Weird lighting and reflection with relatively big scenes )

I’m so sorry for the long post, and all the requests, but you being so great makes me greedy to have D5 replace alot of other softwares I use, because really D5 deserves to be the best !!!

Thank you so much for your time and for everything you are doing, keep up the good work guys !!!

My best regards
Essam Awad.

hi @essammax1

Thanks for the feedback

  1. very good suggestion, we will consider it
  2. the wireframe style does have some problems, we are also preparing to optimize
  3. use Shift key to speed up, Space bar to slow down
  4. when duplicating, do you want it to appear next to the original object?
  5. we also consider optimizing the group selection, now you can select the object inside by double-clicking the group
  6. rendering of orthogonal view has been developed
  7. Decals are on the roadmap and we plan to develop them
  8. very good suggestion, we will continue to optimize the input control
  9. there are plans to do select the same type of object and then do the transformation
  10. very good suggestion
  11. about the naming unification, has been developed, will be online in the new version
  12. we will consider enhancing the coordinate axis function
  13. local axes are being designed and will be added for sure
  14. pretty cool feature, we will consider
  15. very good suggestions for the input box experience optimization
  16. the optimization of the list is already in progress, we will first solve the problem of lagging, and then gradually optimize the copy, drag and drop problems
  17. also axis-related issues, we will continue to optimize
  18. the current function may be difficult to achieve, but I will note it down first
  19. we will solve the display problem of the material library
  20. it is also a problem of the material library, we will adjust
  21. maybe it’s a bug
  22. very good very detailed findings
  23. we also found this drag and drop problem, we have planned to fix it
  24. layer function is in the plan
  25. the particle parameter adjustment is done, will be online as soon as possible
  26. the upper right corner of the window display settings, you can control the motion of the car wheel state
  27. I still don’t quite understand it, can you attach some more description?
  28. development is completed, will support exr, tga, etc.
  29. Sequence frame development is also completed
  30. I will give feedback to my colleagues in the rendering team
  31. the reflection problem has been fixed, there are still some minor problems with lighting, we will try to solve them

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Hello there !!!, thank you for your time and your answer, it was fast and thorough as usual.
I know that some points I mentioned is releated to the User Experience (UX) of the software, but surely you know that all these small points help speed up work when someone is under pressure ( which is always actually ).
To calrify some points that you asked me about :

I know about the shift and space keys, but still what i meant was to have the ability to even further control the camera speed located in the top right corner of the viewport screen under Navigation. ( first icon on the top right ) - using shortcut keys on the fly ( you know in Unreal for example, you still can control this by using the mouse wheell up and down while pressing the right mouse button)
Because if this number is set to a high number, even space bar doesn’t do much, and vice-verca.

What i meant is like in 3ds max when selecting an object and press Ctrl-V, It clones the object atop of the original object so it keeps the coordinates of the new object as the original.
What happens now is “Duplicating” objects in the Object Panel forces you to relocate the new clone.
Believe me this would be helpful to speed up working and arranging objects in a scene, as this task is already tedious :smiley:

Yes, but you can’t select multiple objects inside a group, it forces you to select just one object.
So imagine you want to edit more than one objects inside a group, I know that you can select them in the Object Panel but it is hard to pinpoint which of them you really need to select.
( Open Group - Edit - Close Group like in Max would be a good option )

That’s correct, but it is universal to all moving objects in the scene, Imagine you have some moving cars and some parked cars in a movie clip. So you need some way to control this individually for each car. Please correct me if I miss something.

This ghosting lines of the edges visible in the following picture is what I’m talking about, and for your information, it is a completely flat and all quads object as shown below :

Maybe it is a problem from my end, but I share it with you because you would know better than me if this is the case.

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed getting in touch with you.
Keep up the good work, you guys have all our respect !!!

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Thanks for the reply

  1. I have understood your requirement, we will consider optimizing the navigation
  2. we will optimize the copy-related operations to improve efficiency, which is indeed a very useful operation
  3. about the management of the left sidebar group, we are in the planning
  4. I think it may be a bug now, I will give feedback to the developer
  5. oh I see, maybe you can send me the scene file, we will check the issue. support@d5techs.com

Thank you so much. I have sent you the file as requested.


Hello Essam,

We received your email but we cannot access your google drive file, for no reason, therefore we cannot download your scene file.
But from the image you posted, it seems you did not apply UV to that material in modeling software?

Please give it UV in modeling software, then sync to D5 again, also you could try Triplanar feature.
If the problem remains, please let us know~

Hey Oliver !!!, how are you ?
Sorry for being late to reply to you, I was a little busy. Thank you so much for your time and support.

It is strange that you couldn’t access the file, I’m so sorry for that, but anyway finally the problem is fixed, I actually did apply UV in 3ds max earlier before I take the screenshot, but I really can’t say exactly what fixed the problem and what was causing it, as the steps I did in Max was :
1 - Remodel another object using a Plane as a start and not Splines.
2 - Reset Xform for the object.
3 - Clear smoothing groups.
4 - Add a new UVW map modifier with a box projection.

This was all I did, maybe some of the points fixed the issue, maybe all, I’m not sure :smiley:

Thank you so much again, and I’m so sorry to take much of your time, maybe this post could help someone else who encounter the same issue in the future.

Have a great day !!!


Hello, thank your for sharing your solution as well, I believe this will help more users who view this topic :smiley:

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Can we get a Quick save/export viewport function from screen size.
Most of the time I need to export quick draft images which are currently taking 2 mins to render out on 3090 graphics cards. Enscape is fast at this but can’t hand the trees.

The viewport display for D5 would be enough for this.
Of course I can screenshot the window but I need it to be the same pixel size every time to make comparisons and masking.

This shouldn’t be too tricky to implement and super helpful.

Thank you in advance.