Various 2.4 problems

I have the pro version which has just been updated to 2.4. I have numerous problems with 2.4. Smooth preview quality is awful… black, white & odd colors. Precise quality is not as good as 2.3? If I enable (close after batch render) it crashes. There are white lines of light where one surface meets another, even if exporting 4k. I was thinking to delete D% & reinstall but, would this lose my previous saved files? Any help would be welcome.


Hi mate, you mentioned a lot of problems…The new preview mode (precise) should be closer to the final result. The smooth mode does not have reflection, which is similar to the preview low-quality mode.
regarding the crash issue, can you please try again and send us a log file?
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And for the light leak issue, we may need to check the scene settings and the model for further troubleshooting. Please make sure the model is double sided.

You can install 2.3 from this link, and please do not install it in the same place as the current one. Your project files will not get lost, also you can back up them first. But the downloaded assets and local models will get lost.
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Many thanks for reply, Oliver. I have attached a few pics showing preview quality in both options, precise is definitely not as clear as in 2.3, I often showcase to customers using this option so a bit disappointing that the quality of precise is less than before. This may be an issue my end? also attached are renders in both Geo & sky/HDRI that show the light bleed at junctions. I have rendered this scene in 2.3 which does not have the same issue… The zziplog also attached. Look forward to hearing from you. (3.4 MB)

when will this issue be fixed? its impossible to work on high quality projects without preview quality!!! i switched back to 2.3 for the moment

I think most of the problems I was encountering were due to using old files in 2.4. Everything seems fine now, the new GI, is blowing my mind… It’s fantastic!

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HI bro, yeah, from the screenshots, we think it is more related to some settings in old files, which need to be modified for the new GI in 2.4.