UV mapping issue 3ds Max to D5

I’m testing D5 Pro with 3ds Max. The first attempt is not good.
There is a problem with UV mapping.
The model was purchased on Turbosquid and it’s rendered correctly well in 3ds Max 2019
Exporting it on D5 the uv maps are wrong.
How can I fix this issue?


Ok, I fixed the issue because I use Fstorm as main renderer.
Re importing the 3ds Max model and leaving the standard maps the UV map are exported correctly to D5.
Could you check if is it possible to export from Fstorm to D5 and fix this issue with this renderer?
Many architects and designers use Fstorm.
Thank you.

I’ve found another issue.
If I apply directly from D5 the pbr maps on this model, they are mapped wrongly.
The maps are mapped correctly only If I created a Vray or standard material inside 3ds Max.
Unfortunately the normal and Ao maps aren’t exported to D5. If I try to apply them directly in D5 they are mapped wrongly.
Could you create a video tutorial on how to handle maps in 3ds Max in a way which is compatible with D5?
Thank you.

Finally I’ve found how to fix this issue.
The problem comes from the “current sync method” set to “new method”.
This method corrupts the uv mapping.
Using the “compatible method” saves to D5 the 3ds Max UVs correctly.
If you want I can demonstrate this issue creating a video.


The two print screens show well the issue.

Thanks for all the updates. You can check this 3ds MAX-D5 Render workflow post: Workflow | D5 Converter-3Ds Max.

  1. About supporting Fstorm material, we will take it into consideration.
  2. About the video tutorial, we have some videos about the basic features, you can check it the post I sent before. And we will provide more tutorial videos in the future.
  3. We support the normal and AO maps too. Could you please send us your model file for test? You can send it to rubyliu1107@gmail.com.
  4. About the UV issue, could you please try the Triplanar option? Please turn on it and check the results.
  5. Is the material you used in the screenshots you sent Vray or Standard or Fstorm material?
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Hi Ruby,
I will send you the original Turbosquid model with pbr textures.
Opening the model in 3ds Max it is textured with standard mats. All the other pbr textures aren’t mapped.
When I started to test the D5 Max plugin I re-mapped all textures with Fstorm and exported the model to D5 with the “new method”.
In D5 the model was white and I assigned manually the pbr textures. Unfortunately I noticed that they were mapped wrongly.
Then I started from scratch using the 3ds Max standard materials, I exported the model to D5 with the “new method” and diffuse, reflection and glossy textures were mapped correctly. Then I manually applied the Ao + Normal textures directly in D5 but they were mapped wrongly.
I repeated the test with Vray and I got the same results.
I checked the D5 Max control panel and I noticed another method for exporting the scene. I selected this one repeating the 3 tests with standard, fstorm and vray materials.
All tests were ok with the right mapping.
Regarding the “Triplanar” option in D5 it ovverrides the original UV mapping. It’s ok for example if you don’t have applied a mapping within the 3d app. It’s a sort of cubic mapping.


Thanks for your description! Please send me the model when you are convenient. We will check this issue. Then we will keep you updated here.

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Good day~ I have downloaded the model you sent to me. About the issue you confronted where the Normal and AO maps were not mapped correctly, could you please point out which part of the model has this issue?

The model is not a whole, but has many parts, I need to know which part, so that I can try to reproduce this issue.

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Hi Ruby,
the model is divided in two parts, the rotors and the body.
If you export the model from Max to D5 (with the new method) with only the diffuse textures applied you will get in D5 a proper UV mapping. Now if you add in D5 the other textures, normal and Ao, you will get wrong mappings.
If you export from Max to D5 using the “old method” you will get correct UVs also for Normal and Ao applying the textures directly in D5.

  1. Which option do you choose please?

  2. You mean that this mapping issue will happen to both the two parts of the model, right?

  3. We have Batch Import PBR Textures feature in D5. Have you tried this feature? I used this feature to apply other textures and all maps are correct.

Hi. I have the same problem. “compatible method” does not fix textures.
Сonverter exports a different texture (it’s not the same larger texture)
Does not export AO map. exports only normal map.
How can I fix this?

Hi @gabrielefx @savwproject ! When you use D5 Converter-3ds Max to synchronize the model, some maps will not be synchronized. About this issue, I confirmed with the dev team. Currently, due to logical imperfection, the maps cannot be synchronized completely. And we are working on this issue. You are recommended to use Batch Import PBR Textures feature after the model is imported into D5.

Only the diffuse texture is applied to your model in Max, so after importing the model to D5 Render, there is only Base Color Map.
Then you applied other maps manually in D5 Render and found that the Normal and AO map are not correct. To solve this, here are two methods. 1. You can switch on Individual UV for the Normal and AO map, and adjust the value. 2. You can map all the textures in Max, then use the converter to synchronize the model.