Workflow | D5 Converter-3Ds Max

D5 Converter-3Ds Max helps you to achieve synchronization between 3Ds Max and D5


One-click to launch D5 Render in 3Ds Max

  • Import the new models into D5 Render to start real-time rendering
  • When a model file needs to be modified during rendering, start sync to create a connection with the original model or replace it with the new model
  • Import max models into D5 Render by Sync feature without exporting d5a

Model/Material/Scene Sync

  • After the current model has been edited in 3Ds Max, quickly sync the new model and materials to D5 Render by the Sync button, while keeping the materials and scene parameters that had been adjusted in D5 Render
  • 3Ds Max and VRay camera positions synchronization

Live sync of 3Ds Max views

  • Keep the view of 3Ds Max and D5 Render consistent in the horizontal direction
  • Support one click to turn view sync on or off

Light Sync

  • Supports light source synchronization
D5 VRay Corona
Point light VRay Sphere light Sphere
Spotlight VRay IES Disk
Rectangular light VRay Plane light Rectangle
  • Synchronization of light source types (point light, spotlight, strip light, rectangular light), positions, sizes (for rectangular/strip light). Other parameters of light sources are not supported for synchronization and should be configured within D5 Render

Export d5a files

  • .max files can be imported D5 Render by converting to .d5a files through D5 Converter
  • Support exporting .skp files, which can be imported to Sketchup and D5 Render
  • Support fast optimization of poly reduction

Mapping resolution settings

Support for setting mapping resolution up to 4K when synchronizing and exporting .d5a files

Known Issues & Solutions

  1. If you have installed the older version of D5 Converter-3Ds Max, it is recommended to reinstall the latest one (replace the installation, no need to uninstall it) click to download

  2. In the event of an upgrade or synchronization failure, stop the anti-virus software and reinstall D5 Render and Converter (replace the installation, no need to uninstall it)

  3. Using the d5a export process is recommended for max files with too many meshes.
    For Reference: models with no more than 30 million meshes can be synchronized via plug-ins on a PC with 32G RAM

  4. Please sync in Perspective to get the best view synchronization experience

  5. CoronaBitmap material is not supported at this time. If you are using Corona materials, it is suggested to convert them into VRay materials. With VRay installed, you can right-click on the scene and use VRay Scene Converter to get the job done

  6. The mapping resolution set when exporting d5a, also applies in synchronization

  7. Currently the maximum size supported for rectangular/strip light source is 5m*5m. It is expected to have no size limit for light sources in D5 Render later

  8. For the misalignment issue of some exported d5a models-
    The exported mesh of .d5a files is in fbx format, which does not support the transformation matrix of certain modifiers. There are 2 solutions:

    • Use 3Ds Max 2020 or above

    • Select the misplaced object and ungroup its group. Then go to “Utilities - Reset Transformation - Reset Selected Content” and export again

Download & Installation

Download exe

Click to download
double click on the .exe file after the download, and follow the notifications to install D5 Converter-3Ds Max

Download mzp

Click to download
If the exe installation fails, you can use the mzp script to install.

  1. Download and unzip the .zip file
  2. Run 3Ds Max as admin
  3. On the top navigation bar of 3Ds Max, click “Scripting”-“Run Script…”-select the installation package “d5c_cn_X.X.X.mzp”
  4. After the installation is complete, please restart 3Ds Max to load the D5 converter correctly

Supported versions

3Ds Max 2017 - 3Ds Max 2021

VRay 3.6 for 3ds Max or above

After the download is complete, double-click the .exe file and click Next to uninstall D5 Converter-3Ds Max

If you have a model with file link to autocad, script doesnt work. Also, if you have max windows, doors, railings, plugin converts all of them to editable meshes in max environment without warning!