Unable to login


I am unable to login to my D5 render account. So, I cannot access to the online assets…
I have also a crash when I activate D5 LiveSync ( ) in Sketchup. It opens only the logo D5 render but the software does not open and it freezes sketchup… It happens only with one of my sketchup projects. Please, help me.


D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Driver Version:


Hello! Sorry for your problems. Do you have screenshots for these two problems?
Have you checked your network connection?


Please find attached the pictures. D5 Livesync makes sketchup crashes.
I can open my project only by opening directly the drs file. But no access to the login access and online assets. My network is OK.

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Hello, I have the exact same problem here since installing version 2.8.
I can access and connect to the d5 Render website.
I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (D5 Render and Lyve Sync for Sketchup), it doesn’t work any better after that.
It works from my phone’s internet connection but I can’t use this solution indefinitely.

I just installed a free VPN to test, it works with it. I’m still hoping for a corrective update soon.

Good job ! It works also for me with a VPN ! That’s weird… :thinking:

Hello, is the SU issue now together okay as well?
Is it convenient for you to send us your log file? This post shows how to collect logs. D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM
You can share a link here or send your log to our email. (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)

Not solved. I must connect to a VPN before using sketchup and D5 render … It is just a tip, not solution.
My Log file is 5.58 Mo. It is too big for upload ( limit 4 Mo )

Hello! Would you mind send your log to our email? (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)

Hello, I just sent my log files with and without VPN by email

i currently have the same problem…

any advices ?