Trouble with D5 updater

For the past few days I’ve been trying to update D5 through the program’s home page update button. Every time I’ve tried the update hangs at download 43 of 73.

d5 update

also happen to me…
download : 1/73 after that updated failed

Hi there, can you access D5 Assets Library successfully in D5 Render? If not, please send us a log file for troubleshooting.
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To upgrade to 2.4, you can download the installer from our website, then install in the same place of 2.3 so it will overwrite 2.3 directly.

I can access the D5 assets library, the issue with the update lies within the program’s “Home Loading Page”, that’s where the downloader stalls at step 43. Using the website to download the newest update works fine.

OK mate, does the problem to load Welcome page still exists? IF yes, please use support tool and send log file to us. thanks in advance!
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I wasn’t able to get the downloader to get past packet 43 of 73 when trying to update via the Welcome Page, I had to download a new version from the website to get, when the next patch comes I’ll try the Welcome Page first and report back.

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