Solution when you can't install D5 Sketchup converter

1.8.1 latest:
GTX 1080Ti:
Cannot install sketchup to D5 converter as it shows no components to install:

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hello @shan
may I know what version of SU are you using?

hello, yes. it’s sketchup 2018

Hello @shan ,
If the exe installation fails, you can use the rbz script to install. (561.6 KB)

Hope it helps.

can i get the latest version in rbz format?

Hi, the rbz file was to solve an old problem that has been fixed, so now we do not need that.
If the installer cannot find the SU on your computer, then please try this one (rbz):
D5_Converter_SketchUp_usa_0.6.1.rbz.7z (1.0 MB)

thank you very much, guy!
You save me!

Strong hug for you!

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