Render output png of sample files FULLY GREY

D5 Render Version: LATEST
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2060 12 GB
Driver Version: 516.94
Issue Description: When I test render images from any of the sample file such as the living room scenes, the result png image is just a full grey image. I did try different output settings and all of them show the same results.
Screenshots/Videos Description:
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Hi mate, sorry to hear that you ran into the problem. To confirm, this issue happened to all files and all resolutions, right?
This problem can be related to the video driver, also, maybe the installed D5 Render is corrupted.
Therefore, we would recommend you reinstall D5 Render. And if the problem persists, please run the D5 support tool then send me a log file of it.
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

Please send it to


Hi Oliver,
I already tried reinstalling D5 Render and I already ran the D5 support tool nad sent it to the tech support email. The problem still persists

I will send you the log file to this email when I get home tonight. Thank you

Hi there, I did try a few things before running the support tool again:
Downloaded the new driver version for my card and installed it.
Then I reinstalled D5 Render again.
None of this solved the problem for which I am still very dissappointed.
I then got a new log file that I emai once again to your techsupport address, hoping that we can find a solution to this. After investing money to upgrade graphics card, this software is making me very nervous

I am still waiting for a response or solution to this. Is very frustrating, everything I try to render is a full grey image. ¿Can I please get some support?

Hi manyal77, sorry that our team are still investigating this issue. Can you try D5 2.4 beta?
Here is the link to our Discord server- 2.4 beta category.

Thank you Oliver,
I will definetly give it a try, however I can not access any files or discord channel. When I click the link is just an emply discord page, it seems that I have no access.

Hi mate, please join our Discord server first:
D5 Render

Thanks Oliver, I was able to join, I´ll let you know how it goes

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Hi Oliver,
I was hoping that the installed new version would solve my nightmare. Unfortunately the images remain without being render. I am attaching images just made with 2.4 from a brand new file where I placed two building assets. The background renders if I leave it with default sky and if I chose HDRI the whole image renders grey. I hope this gives you another hint to solve the issue.

Oliver, another hint that may be of help to you folks:
When I render a video, the result is ok. This tells me in a way that is not really a hardware trouble since the video card is able to manage the image. I was going to try with one of the sample scenes but it was taking forever to unzip ¿where do this scenes go? I’d like to chek if is an storage problem

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Since I am not getting any answers or possible ways to handle this error, I should consider this topic UNRESOLVED. Therefore this will be my sat goodbye to this software and resiliance to keep using other competitors.

Hi mate, sorry for the late reply. We have checked the log and we may need remote access for further analysis. However, our team are in vacation now, if possible, shall we arrange remote access after we come back in the end of this month?

Ok Oliver, We will try then, but please don´t forget about it. I may send you another log file from tthe support tool if needed by the end of the month. Thanks.