Release notes of D5 Render

Version 2.8

Release date 2024/7/3

Detailed introduction of new features

New and Improvements


  • AI Enhancer (beta)
  • Added Sculpture and PBR Styles to ‘Text to 3D’
  • Optimized Make Seamless Interaction


  • Optimized Semi-transparent Effect for Transparent Materials
  • Added Opacity Map to Displacement Materials
  • Sunlight Caustics
  • Added Sky Color Option to HDRI
  • Rainbow Flare Effect
  • AO Overlay in Preview
  • Lower Peak Memory Usage During Image Rendering


  • Upgraded D5 Scatter: Save Preset, Cull, Multi-Selection of Independent Models and Optimized Interaction for D5 Scatter
  • Addded Mouse Speed to Navigation Modes
  • Optimized Gizmo Rotation
  • Added Visibility Control over Keyframes of Models and Layers
  • Supports Animated Models’ Controller in Video Mode
  • Supports Community-provided Language Packs

Asset Library

  • Construction Site Models
  • Semi-transparent Materials
  • Scatter Presets


  • D5 LiveSync for Rhino
  • D5 LiveSync for Vectorworks


  • Scene loading stuck at 99%
  • Occasional freezing when multi-selecting path control points
  • Inability to adjust materials after batch replacing duplicated models
  • Loss of auto-filled sequence numbers for duplicate filenames in the rendering queue
  • Un-displayed HDRI after restoring a history version of the scene file
  • Loss of models when opening files saved in a shared local drive from a network location
  • Lack of detection for Workspace permission and remaining disk space when downloading HDRI from D5 Asset library
  • Remaining icons of deleted lights in the scene after syncing again
  • Two-point perspective and Navigation mode switches after rendering panoramas
  • Camera offsets in two-point perspective rendering
  • Seams in rendered panoramas
  • Unexpected serrated stripes in rendered videos
  • Black spots on glass materials in rendered images caused by depth of field
  • Display issues of certain top-view renderings
  • Display issues of outline effect for certain images rendered at resolutions above 4K
  • Ghosting in certain exported reflection channel maps
  • Unexpected highlighted materials in rendered panoramas
  • Occasional position disorder of channel maps with SR rendering on
  • Unexpected bloom effect when ‘Bloom’ is set to 0
  • Over bright firefly particles
  • Compatibility issues with certain 3D Spacemouse operations
  • Incorrect texts and fonts on UI

2.7.1 Hotfix


New and Improvements

  • Further Accelerated Rendering Speed
  • Enhanced Reflection Algorithms for Moving Cameras
  • Added Emissive Effect to Lowpoly Assets
  • Lowered the Emissive Intensity of Scatter Highlights
  • Added a Hint of Reaching the Limit of the Scatter Surface
  • Optimized the Classification and UI of Scatter presets
  • Optimized the Classification UI of D5 Asset Library


  • Blurry shadows cast by emissive materials in preview
  • Overly blurry glass materials when Depth of Field is on
  • Influence of distance on lighting effects in reflections
  • Afterimages of moving lights and emissive materials in videos
  • Influence of material colors on shadows in Clay mode
  • Display error of Geo and Sky effect in Clay mode
  • Black spots caused by strip lights in image renderings
  • Incomplete 2D characters in image renderings
  • Perspective jump when rendering images in portrait orientation again
  • Inconsistent preview and output caused by the cloud shadows in orthographic view
  • Color patches/stripes at the edges of images in sequence renderings
  • Display errors of certain glass and metal materials in image sequence renderings
  • Stripes on water materials behind the glass at certain angles
  • Display errors of water materials in image renderings
  • Black sawtooth on transparent materials in image renderings
  • Display errors of specular materials when multiple reflections occur
  • Black specular materials behind the glass
  • Un-displayed multiple reflections of transparent materials in image and video renderings
  • Black edges of water materials
  • Black vegetation effects in video renderings
  • Shadows not moving with HDRI in video renderings
  • Display errors of fluid particles
  • Display errors of an asset when its map is deleted
  • Mouse jumped to the upper left corner of the screen when starting D5
  • Gizmo not working for grouped objects in a close-up view
  • Position jump of the gizmo when clicking on the pivot point of batch-selected objects
  • Broken material link between interrelated duplicate models when swapping the material template
  • Loss of the set light color after switching between Temperature and Color sections
  • Shortcut key hints not changing with the navigation mode
  • Camera jumping to the eye-level view when pausing playing a video with two-point perspective under the Walk mode
  • Loss of graphics card driver info in the hardware test
  • Loss of models during livesync in some cases
  • Long loading time of a scene heavy in grass materials
  • Compatibility issues of 3DConnexion SpaceMouse
  • UI wording

Version 2.7

Release date 2024/4/25

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.7

New and Optimizations


  • Ultra HD Texture
  • Make Seamless
  • Text to 3D (beta)
  • Upgraded AI Atmosphere Match
  • Optimized D5 SR Output Effect


  • Upgraded D5 GI
  • Accelerated Rendering Speed
  • Optimized Grass
  • Optimized Light Source Efficiency
  • Added Affect Transparent ID Feature to Multimedia Materials
  • Colored Transparent Channel Maps for Image Render
  • DLSS frame generation
  • Higher-quality Virtual Reality


  • D5 Scatter
  • 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Support (beta)
  • Light Type Switch and Orientation Control
  • Optimized Viewpoint Navigation
  • Optimized Window Scaling
  • Optimized Render Queue
  • Added Video Templates
  • Added CMD Installation Option
  • Improved Efficiency of Loading and Archiving
  • Added Tutorials On Welcome Page
  • Added Spanish Language Option
  • Supports applying for D5 for Edu inside D5 Render


  • Optimized Light Replacement and Material Update Option
  • Optimized Real-time Sync for Max
  • Supports 3ds Max 2025 Version in D5 LiveSync for 3ds Max
  • Supports Sketchup 2024 Version in D5 LiveSync for Sketchup


  • Added Classification and Search feature for Local Library
  • Optimized Classification and Search for D5 Asset Library
  • New Lowpoly Assets
  • New Grouped Characters
  • New Walking Characters
  • New Volumetric Lighting


  • Crashes when ‘Save Compressed Project’ is enabled
  • Position jump of models when pre-placed using shortcut keys ‘R’/‘C’
  • Cameras automatically unlocked when a scene is reopened
  • Camera offsets when batch rendering clips in ‘Perspective’ view
  • Loss of water material’s normal map after compressing the file
  • Stuck viewport when editing a camera path with multiple view carriers
  • Viewport aspect ratio changes when updating a scene in the rendering mode
  • Display issues with water materials near the edges of the window
  • Un-displayed water material behind the glass in rendering
  • Seams in panorama renderings
  • SR image rendering stuck at 99%
  • Crashes when livesyncing 3ds Max models
  • Display error of animated traffic light models

2.6.1 Hotfix

Release date 2024/1/1

New and optimizations

  • Supports undo and redo for camera path editing in Video Editor
  • Supports excluding models from procedural vine generation
  • Support AI-generated texture maps for AO channel
  • Optimized the transition smoothness of camera movements
  • Optimized the algorithm of AI atmosphere match
  • Optimized the count and naming of scenes in Render Queue
  • Optimized the support tool


  • Fixed the failure of light keyframes
  • Fixed the failure of UV adjustments to Emissive materials
  • Fixed the issue of blurring HDRI in rendering results
  • Fixed the issue that viewpoint movement would interrupt the Depth of Field editing
  • Fixed the abnormal Intensity parameter of stage lights
  • Fixed the failure of Activate and Pin buttons of PiP window when the D5 window was restored down
  • Fixed the failure of shortcut keys for moving the camera after it focused on a model in the Walk mode
  • Fixed the issue of library search results not starting at the top of the page
  • Fixed the issue where the local library jumped to the ‘All’ category after assets were replaced
  • Fixed the issue of importing video files without recording their file paths
  • Fixed the failure of image output format option after multi-selecting in the scene list
  • Fixed the issue where imported .fbx/.d5a files were not displayed in some cases

Version 2.6

Release date 2023/12/14

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.6

New and Improvements


  • AI Atmosphere Match
  • AI-generated Material Texture Maps
  • AI Material Recognition


  • Multimedia Material Transparency
  • Local Exposure
  • Flowing Water Material
  • UV Randomizer
  • Multiple Reflections on Transparent Materials in Preview
  • Rect Light Attenuation Intensity
  • Custom Sun in Geo&Sky
  • Snowflake Size
  • Optimized Water Material


  • Optimized Video Editor
  • Optimized Scene List and Camera Integration
  • Human Point-of-View Walk Mode
  • Optimized Section Tool
  • File Compression
  • Drag&drop Material Maps
  • .abc Animation Control
  • Importing .fbx with Materials
  • Thumbnails of .d5a Files
  • Unit Display of Light Sources(cd/lm)
  • Optimized Render Queue
  • Optimized Adaptive Interface

Asset Library

  • New Procedurally-generated Vines
  • New HDRI Library
  • New Futuristic Particles
  • New Characters
  • New Plane Fog Models
  • New Low-poly Trees
  • New Xerophytes
  • Optimized Search Feature
  • Optimized Library Asset Classification, Order and Filter
  • Optimized Library browsing and loading experience


  • D5 LiveSync for 3ds Max beta
  • 3ds Max Camera Animation Sync
  • Cinema 4D Camera Animation Sync
  • Exporting .d5a files with Group Structure info from SketchUp


  • Texture stretched after rotating UVs
  • Abnormal fluid particle effect through glass
  • Sectioned model showing through glass
  • Changed transparent material effect after enabling Caustics
  • Unchanged base color when material is applied after adjusting the base color
  • Lights that show the shape cannot be sectioned
  • SSS Material prompts of number limit when it is not reached
  • Parameters would not recover when exiting Video Editor mode
  • Glass materials reflect the base color of water in rendering results
  • Abnormal plant color in car paint material reflection in rendered results
  • Inconsistent Z depth channel effects in rendering image and video results
  • Gridlines in SR rendering image
  • Abnormal wood material rendering results in some scenes
  • Grass does not show up in rendered videos in some scenes
  • Some crash caused by .abc file importing
  • Darker material colors for .skp files that are directly imported in some cases
  • Brush record show/hide status error caused by replacing model with livesync plugin
  • Misplaced model replacement or failure to select materials, that are due to boundary calculation errors in real-time synchronization
  • Misplaced brush plants due to replacing models after syncing coordinates
  • Abnormal display of video material files from the network path
  • Position parameters in the right sidebar remain unchanged when the object is moved through the center of the axes
  • Abnormal texture of Custom Leaf Particle aftering reopening the scene
  • Occasional mouse click failures

2.5.2 Hotfix

Release date 2023/9/19


  • Some crash issues
  • Issue of partial model loss after multi-selection model replacement
  • Issue of slow speed when saving files to network location
  • Issue of abnormal material color when importing .skp file into D5
  • Issue of abnormal texture UV after replacing the model with SU LiveSync
  • Issue of abnormal top view of the scene with SU LiveSync
  • Issue of stitching lines in the rendering image after enabling SR
  • Issue of geographical sky cloud effect does not match parameters when switching scenes
  • Issue of section fill color failing
  • Issue of characters on path tool turning black
  • Issue of slow loading of material library thumbnail
  • Occasional issue of library category list not displaying

2.5.1 Hotfix

Release date 2023/8/11


  • Recent used being empty
  • Custom Lut being invalid
  • Brush scatter density inconsistent with 2.4
  • Issue of Abnormal values when adjusting the size of grouped lights
  • Issue of Loading basic model abnormally under brush status
  • Issue of Projector unable to upload image format files
  • Issue of Filter model results containing characters and vehicles
  • Issue of Plants and paths not displaying after deleting section
  • Issue of No image output after D5 SR opening
  • Issue of Abnormal picture size when batch adding segments to the render queue
  • Issue of Brush plants not displaying in the render results under smooth mode
  • Issue of Terrain grass texture remaining in D5 after deleting the model in SketchUp
  • Issue of Material selection not highlighted after real-time synchronization of models in SketchUp
  • Issue of Brush plants on real-time synchronized models in SketchUp unable to pick materials

Version 2.5

Release date 2023/8/02

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.5 - News - D5 RENDER FORUM

New and improvements


  • Real-time Caustics

  • D5 SR Image Rendering Acceleration (beta)

  • Light source shape display

  • Optimized GI for vegetation

  • Improved SSS materials

  • Improved edge effects of grass material

  • Improved clarity of images with resolutions over 2K

Features and optimizations

  • Support saving presets in Studio

  • Optimized video mode editing features

  • Section Tool

  • Advanced Camera Tool (beta)

  • Support displaying material names in brush records

  • Support high-resolution screen

  • Full-screen mode

  • Network proxy

  • Adjusted rendering preset resolution

  • Optimized operations in right sidebar

  • Optimized three-axis control

  • Optimized installation experience

  • Optimized statistics display

  • Optimized D5 account management security


  • New Interior Parallax assets

  • New xerophyte plants

  • New plant combos

  • New Asian characters

  • New Macrophanerophytes

  • New HDRIs

  • Added HD filter option

  • Added car paint material parameters for vehicle assets

  • Optimized effect of some plants

  • Optimized movements of dynamic characters

  • Optimized search feature

  • Adjusted classification of materials


  • D5 LiveSync for SketchUp

  • Support restoring parameters of 3ds Max lights


  • Incorrect reflection effect of glass reflected in water

  • Increased the number of stage lights limit to avoid fog effect problems

  • Some models failed to load after being exported and re-imported

  • Some brush plants cannot be erased using the eraser tool

  • The black and white colors of the images in the sky mask channel are reversed

  • The black color of video sequence frames in the sky mask channel turns gray

  • Multi-selection failure in Render Queue

  • Tyndall effect through glass

  • Incorrect colors in the sky mask channel

  • Corrected some interface texts

Version 2.4.2

Release date 2023/04/07

New and improvements

  • Support direct import of SketchUp 2023 files

  • Optimize the logic of canceling project merging

  • Clean up some assets that aren’t compatible with the current version


  • Some crash issues

  • Material selection unable to be canceled

  • Occasional error for materials imported from SketchUp to D5

  • Losing particles in render queue image output

  • Noises in rendered images due to abnormal normal maps

  • Serious aliasing in material ID channel from sequence

  • Video material not playing from the first frame

  • Wrong namings for vehicle paths

Version 2.4

Release date 2023/2/22

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.4

New and improvements


  • New D5 GI

  • Improved material emissive effect

  • Subsurface scattering material

  • Z-depth channel

  • Vegetation Cull Distance

  • Blend amount setting for grass material textures

  • New preview modes to control image quality


  • More frame rate options for video rendering

  • Improved two-point perspective view

  • Camera focal length

  • Support switching between horizontal/vertical FOV

  • Drop models on the ground

  • Support creating curve/linear paths for the path tool

  • Support setting fixed spacing distance for vegetation path

  • Support custom combination of vegetation, characters, and other models

  • Support opening the file location of maps imported by D5 Converters

  • Support reading the north offset parameter from .skp files

  • Support closing D5 Render automatically after render queue is finished

  • Support opening .abc files directly from the welcome page

  • Support opening the Preference from the welcome page

  • Support clearing auto-saved backups and imported models

  • Improved scatter tool with better effects and compatibility with hedge assets

  • Improved random offset effect for vegetation path

  • Improved model replacing feature for the path tool

  • Improved search and filter functions of the object list

  • Improved camera movement in video rendering

  • Improved coordinate axis spatial position

  • Improved display effect of the rotation control

  • Action tips in the viewport

  • Open D5 help center directly from the top right corner of D5 Render

  • A shortcut icon is created for .d5a files


  • Support AV1 encoding

  • Support QSV encoding

  • Open the welcome page faster


  • New hedge assets

  • New commonly used arborous plants

  • New static and dynamic Asian characters

  • Subsurface scattering materials and models

  • New dynamic transportation assets

  • Backdrop planes

  • New dynamic water particles

  • Support adjusting the color temperature of interior parallax

  • Improved movement effect of some dynamic characters

  • Improved quality of some vegetation models


  • Grass does not fully appear in the rendering result

  • Crop error when rendering images of small sizes

  • Incorrect effect of car lights in the reflection

  • GI behaves abnormally when an object is far away from the origin point

  • The eraser wrongly erases assets on all surfaces

  • The eraser can not erase plants on vertical surfaces

  • Plant materials are not highlighted when being selected

  • Incorrect adsorption relationship of rotation axis at 90° and its multiples

  • Wrong attenuation radius unit of rectangular and strip lights

  • Light group hierarchy sync error of D5 Converters

  • Thumbnails have black edges when adding materials to the local library

  • The model position changes when dragging axis to duplicate

Version 2.3.4

Release date 2022/10/19


  • D5 Render Educational accounts supported


  • Error saving .abc files to the local library
  • Effect settings occasionally disappear after rendering videos in render queue

Version 2.3.2

Release date 2022/8/31


  • A notice that Material ID is not supported in the Outline mode


  • Some HDRI was blurry when rendering in the render queue
  • Some materials went missing after starting sync with D5
  • The slow-down caused by a large scale of grass materials
  • The failure to reset the size of models after Smart Placement
  • The possibility of some qualified hardware failing in the hardware test
  • The jump of HDR sunlight in the keyframe animation

Version 2.3

Release date 2022/8/12

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.3

New and improvements


  • Round Corner
  • Limit color bleeding option
  • Thickness simulation for single sided transparent materials
  • Outline mode
  • AO (ambient occlusion) mode
  • Level of Detail (LOD) switch
  • Adjustable sun disk radius in Geo and Sky
  • Color space transfer function for editing maps
  • Optimized Cloud effect: thickness, density, and height
  • Optimized Fog effect: height, falloff, and start distance
  • Optimized Grass material: new templates, height, density, and trim
  • Manual focus for DOF effect
  • Enhanced denoising algorithm
  • Optimized Material ID channel for linked materials


  • Switch between world and local coordinate systems
  • Sync pivot from modeling software
  • Support continuous selection with material picker
  • Support selecting materials behind other objects with material picker
  • Animation control for dynamic models
  • Smart placement of models
  • Optimized orientation of plants on path tools
  • Optimized vehicle path: left/right-hand drive, random color, light
  • Support path tools for animal models
  • Support adjusting parameters for multi-selected objects
  • Support changing the stacking order of decals
  • Support importing material maps in .tif /.tiff /.tga
  • Support multi-selecting and batch importing PBR textures
  • Support opening the file path of maps
  • Support flip horizontal for HDRI
  • Show estimated time remaining when rendering
  • Support automatic change of brush radius adaptive to the screen scale
  • New options to the menu: New Project, Open, Recent
  • Optimized model replacing feature
  • Optimized support of Alembic (.abc) models
  • Optimized selection logic for grouped objects
  • Optimized input slider
  • Adjust the logic for lock operation
  • Adjust the logic for multi-select operation
  • Optimized interface of the benchmark test


  • Support Intel Arc graphics cards and Xe Super Sampling (XeSS)
  • Optimized scene statistics tool
  • Added notifications for lack of space on the disk


  • New high-quality static vegetation assets
  • Crops assets
  • Vine assets
  • Succulent assets
  • Interior Parallax assets
  • New dynamic Asian characters
  • Landscape assets for exterior scenes
  • Stage light, downlight, and spotlight assets
  • New landscape ground and wall materials
  • New fountain and waterfall particles
  • Optimized frequently-used vegetation assets


  • Incorrect water reflection under fog and volume light
  • Incorrect cloud effect in video rendering caused by keyframes
  • Failure to load maps due to long file paths
  • Unexpected collision between objects and models on paths
  • Limited angle of random direction for models on path
  • Limited filter list that is restricted inside D5 window
  • Absence of thumbnails for some models in path property

Version 2.2.1

Release date 2022/5/31

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.2.1

New and improvements


  • Improved quality of photo rendering


  • Add a Color Intensity parameter to further brighten materials’ Base Color
  • Optimized movement slowing effect of the Spacebar


  • Add new Building materials for architecture
  • Add new Water materials
  • Add basic shape models including plane, arc, cone and more
  • Add new Arabian character models
  • Optimized facial expression and body movement of character models


  • Same models may get lost after merging projects
  • Layers may be missing or duplicated after merging projects
  • Unable to undo entering values of the model size
  • Fail to customize or update thumbnails in local library
  • Incorrect effect of Displacement materials
  • Panoramas occasionally rendered with ghosting problem
  • Some crash issues

Version 2.2

Release date 2022/4/18

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.2

New and improvements


  • Merge Project beta
  • Projector
  • New Rotate parameter for Stage Light


  • Weather System: Rain and Snow
  • New effects: Tint, Vignette, Chromatic Aberration
  • Improved accuracy of emissive materials’ attenuation
  • Improved GI effect on vegetation assets
  • Stronger color contrast of Material ID channel
  • Optimized default tone mapping settings


  • Layer Management
  • Custom Shortcuts
  • Brush Records
  • Direct import of skp2022 models
  • Support HDRI in .exr format
  • Support Follow Focus for DOF effect
  • Keep the original coordinates of imported models
  • Optimized sort order of Object List
  • Keep the parameters of the last rendering
  • Statistics tool stays on once activated
  • Optimized camera movement acceleration
  • Add a “Cancel” button when updating assets in a scene


  • Lower memory usage for large scale scenes
  • Optimized real-time reflection efficiency of multiple light sources
  • Enhanced performance of Object List


  • Display selected assets when assets tools are activated
  • Add a special mark for new assets
  • Add scaling and other adjustable parameters for Particles
  • Add “Dynamic” and “Left-hand drive” controls for vehicles
  • Add Decals assets
  • Add Snow models in Landscapes category
  • Add Terrazzo, Wall tiles, Roof tiles and more Water materials
  • Add static vehicle models
  • Optimized character models’ motion animation
  • Optimized vehicle models’ efficiency


  • Optimized file association logic for D5 Converters


  • Colors on materials looking different from those in the palette
  • Incorrect effect of frosted glass in reflection
  • Dynamic animation of curtains starts on a random frame instead of the first one
  • Missing sun bloom effect in rendered video
  • Incorrect display of downloading progress in the Assets Library

Version 2.1

Release date 2022/1/12

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.1

New and improvements

  • Widget

    • Advanced Image Rendering
    • Advanced Video Rendering
    • VR beta
    • Stage Light
    • Color Grading
  • Rendering

    • D5 GI takes a step further with global illumination accuracy
    • Orthographic view image rendering
    • Adjustable sunlight intensity in Geo & Sky
  • Feature

    • Auto-Save
    • Language Setting: English and Chinese
    • Direct import of SketchUp 2021 files
    • Adding d5a models grouped with lights to local library
    • Beginner’s Guide
    • New shortcuts for switching render quality, display mode and navigation mode
    • LUT effect preview available on hover
    • Optional channel map rendering
    • Rendered files naming improved
    • Model/Material Selecting Tool improved
    • Animation camera curve improved
    • Display of system information
  • Productivity

    • Enhanced Smoothness
    • Improved archive stability
    • Improved NAS I/O
    • Alert on insufficient capacity
  • Assets

    • Added Customizable Assets

      • Supported changing clothes for static Character models
      • Supported choosing lights on/off, driver, and car paint color for Vehicles
      • Supported scaling and other adjustable parameters for Particles
    • Added 2D Character assets

    • Supported filtering dynamic models

    • Supported Favorite for Particles

    • Supported Favorite and Recent for Brush, Eraser and Path

    • HD tags on high-poly assets

    • Optimized “Aligned to Terrain” to draw on any surface

    • Optimized Asset Library interaction

      • Recent list supports up to 60 records
      • Support category expanding/collapsing
      • Optimized page number position


  • Unable to select certain models after scaling or flipping
  • Some invalid shortcuts
  • Errors of some archived lighting
  • The update issue when assets are attached to main models
  • Unexpected orientation change of brushed vegetation when reopening the file
  • Grass material out of model
  • Loss of opacity map when a .d5a file is saved to local
  • A random bug that Asset Library needs redownloading after updating D5

Version 2.0

Release date 2021/9/28

Detailed introduction of new features

What’s new in D5 Render 2.0

New and Improvements

  • Feature

    • Redesigned UI

    • A new Path Tool for Vegetation

    • Path Tool: moving characters and vehicles

    • Copy and paste maps among materials

    • Duplicate video clips

    • Video material up to 200 MB

    • Number of scenes up to 1000

    • Custom LUT/IES/HDR sorted by name

    • Optimized the camera movement when rendering videos, making it smooth and steady

    • Directly read Geo&Sky system parameters from SketchUp

    • A new tool to get scene resource data

    • Added download workflow plugins for Welcome page

    • Added download demo scenes for Welcome page

  • Rendering

    • 3D Grass material

    • New element for the weather system: Clouds

    • New element for the weather system: Winds

    • Added a Temperature parameter for emissive materials

    • Supported up to 16K export for photos and panoramas

    • Added Channels for panoramas

    • Improved the accuracy of Fog effect

    • Enhanced the occlusion of vegetation

  • Productivity

    • Supported FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology

    • Optimized the method to open saved files

    • Material maps are compressed for lower consumption of video memory

    • Static Mesh can be used to improve performance

    • Optimized the artificial light sources. Scenes with numerous lights shall no longer lag

    • Supported network drive storage (NAS)

  • Assets

    • Supported Search and Favorite feature

    • Optimized categorization and added secondary category

    • New setting Preferences is added to migrate online and custom resources

    • Added animal models such as fish, birds, butterflies, cats and dogs

    • Added interior furniture and accessories

    • Added particle assets such as fountains, waterfall, smoke, fireflies, etc

    • Added Nature category including Low Poly Trees, dead trees and stumps, rocks and fallen leaves

    • Added outdoor models for architectural scenes

    • Optimized the movement and actions of character models


  • Fixed the bug that DOF effect appeared different in preview and render

  • Fixed the issue that Volume light displays incorrectly under Two-point perspective

  • Fixed the bug that glass makes the sun go low-resolution

  • Fixed the bug that geo&sky appears abnormally yellow

  • Fixed the shadow-disappearing issue for big scenes

  • Fixed the video flickering problem caused by small structures

  • Further fixed the problem that some archives failed to load

  • Fixed the bug that multi-selected models can not be filtered correctly

  • Fixed the bug that the light source did not change color with the color picker

  • Fixed the channels exporting failure when the mouse is in brush style

  • Fixed the shortcut key conflict that kept playing video

  • Fixed the crash issue due to unsuccessfully downloaded assets

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how do i activate this technology on a gtx 1080?

Hello, it is implemented inside D5 Render program, with no need to activate it manually. You could see that the video quality is better both in preview and final renders.

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The scaling for fluids particles are not implemented yet, I’ve tried and the scaling option is still grey (not applicable) , this is only implemented in the Beta section of the particle assets which include non of the fluid assets which is a shame as i was hoping for the option to scale particles as its available in all other assets. hope it will be added soon.

still now i didn’t get update

Hi, 2.3 will come out tomorrow, thank you for waiting~

where is the section tool? I can’t seem to find it :confused:

Hi mate, you need to open it in the Preference.