Out of video memory trying to allocate rendering resources

**D5 Render Version:
**Graphics Card: RTX 3070
**Driver Version: 471.68 (Game Ready Driver)
**Issue Description: Project loading is intermittent, frequently cannot open

I have been raving to my studio about how great the output is on D5, have been testing it on smaller projects for the last few weeks on my new desktop. It works beautifully after a few bugs I had to work out. I started a new project that is fairly heavy and I am now frustrated because the project works on some days, if it loads, it works great, but the problem is getting the project to load up.

I have tried the suggested restarting the program, closing, then restart the computer and run as admin, still not loading the project. My graphics card has 8gb of memory dedicated, this project is 2.5gb currently. The instability of the program has me very concerned about adopting it permanently within the studio. Very disappointed by this.

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Hi 100Bond, sorry to hear that. You meant the scene file now is never opened, or it can open randomly? Or it takes much time to open it?
Please share more details about the problem, it got stuck at 5% or something else?

Besides, if we meet this error message:
“Out of video memory trying to allocate rendering resources”
That often means it is really out of video memory, maybe you could try closing other programs and using GPU-Z to check your PC status.
And 8GB video memory does not mean that it can handle 8GB scene files. I think a 2.5GB file is really big and has many polygons.

At last, if possible, you could compress and send the scene file( the whole folder) to our support email: support@d5techs.com
We will help you check whether the problem happens.


I was able to open the file by hiding some of the model in SketchUp, starting D5 via SketchUp converter, and then unhiding the elements. When starting in D5, it cannot load all the textures and quits with the error message. Once the scene is running, my computer can handle the scene in high quality, it’s just opening it via D5 that causes the crash.

Ok, can you share with us the model and the scene file?
our support email: support@d5techs.com
We will test and narrow down the issue cause first, and we are sure to make your files confidential.
We think it may be hard for your machine to read the scene file, so we need to confirm it first.


I will email the files over to you to review but I’m getting really disappointed with how unstable this program is with intensive scenes. I understand the files are large but the compromise for professional work cannot be ‘the file has to be smaller’, Enscape and TwinMotion can handle this without a problem. I’m afraid adopting this for anything other than smaller project, at least on this machine isn’t an option. I’m sad about that because the program makes some beautiful work.

Also having issues with the associated files, when I start D5 from the converter, it loses much of the D5 associated materials but reads as the correct file. When I open the file from D5 directly, it’s more current? I’ve tried replacing the associated file within D5 but everything from SketchUp just disappears. :frowning:

Hi sir, maybe you could share with us the model file, or check the file path, whether its path is very long? If it is a D5-SU plugin bug, please give us more details, and we will fix it soon.
By the way, sorry for the late reply, are you willing to try the 2.0 version? we will improve a lot to load large scenes in 2.0