Merging files > scatters are moved to default layer

D5 Render Version: 2,8,0,0469
Graphics Card: rtx3090
**Driver Version:**studio 546,01
**Issue Description:**after merging, scatters are moved to the default layer. This is irritating as we can’t move several scatter objects at once.
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hello! Sorry for this, do you have a video or some screenshots for this issue. We may need more details to learn about the issue and solve it. :pray:

It’s not a bug but rather an annoying behaviour.
I like to sort my files by layer and therefore I place my skatters and source surfaces (the surfaces upon which the skatters are placed) in the same layers. I also name all my skatters with coherent names.
Then, after a merge of two files, I realized that all the skatters are moved to the default layer, and I need to redispatch them to the correct layer, otherwise the object list is a huge and long mess (where the objects can’t be sorted by name for now).

And the skatters don’t allow the multiselection (with shift or control keys) and therefore I need to select them one by one and change the layer destination. a tedious job.

OK! I understand this. I think some related images or videos may be helpful.

The merging process took 20 minutes. I thought it was dead. :smiley:
the progression in % wans’t very meaningful as it stood blocked at 5% during 15 minutes and then suddenly it said 98% complete and then it took another 5 minutes to achieve complete merging.

Really sorry for this issue. Is it convenient for your to send us your log file? This post shows how to collect logs. D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM
You can share a link here or send your log to our email. (, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)
I also recommend you send us your two scene as well.