Massive frame rate drop with 2.1 upgrade

I upgraded to 2.1 yesterday. I was pretty excited to hear about the new “smoothness”. It’s been anything but. My RTX 3080ti had no issues handling models on highest settings. If I try that now I get on average about 3 frames per second. Which is pretty much non responsive. I’m forced to use medium or low settings now. What’s up with this? Is there any way to downgrade back to 2.0?

Hello, what is your video driver version? please make sure it is updated.
If the problem remains, please check the private message I sent you, 2.0installer.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using the game ready driver 497.29.

Yes. I second. I am getting the warning all the time. Which I’m not liking as I have a multi house subdivision to set up soon.

I am using rtx 3090 FTW

You may try turning off auto save. In the widget.