Light group changes and different versions for downloading | D5 Converter for 3ds Max and SketchUp

3ds Max
Use Case The amount of lights is not large
for users who group lights in D5 Render
The amount of lights is large
Users used to grouping or duplicating lights in modeling software, or there are many light instances in the scene
Differences All sync-ed lights will became individual objects in D5 Render, losing the original group data Light instances will be grouped automatically in D5 Render after sync
In D5 Render, we can rename or group those lights, and they will not be affected by later syncs If we rename or group lights in D5 Render, those data will be reset if sync-ing again. The data is always consistent with that in modeling software
For deleted light objects in D5, clicking update/sync will not bring them back; but if we stop sync and start sync again, those deleted lights will be recovered. Deleted lights in D5 will be sync-ed into D5 again after we click light sync button, and all modified parameters will be kept.


  • If we change the lights’ positions, scales and rotation in D5, they will be reset after we click Light Sync again, because the parameters of lights are consistent with them in modeling software.
  • For other parameters like light names, they will only be imported at the first time, and they will not get affected by re-sync.

Hi there, here are the .rbz versions of new D5 Converters for SketchUp: download link download link

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Hi Oliver could you please add D5 converter for Sketchup .rbz file

Hi mate, updated. Please download them here:

Hi guys!
Here are the .rbz versions of new D5 Converters for SketchUp: Download Link