3ds Max rendering with D5 | D5 Sync for 3ds Max

D5 Sync-3ds Max helps you achieve live synchronization between 3ds Max and D5 Render.

Supported versions

3ds Max 2014 - 2016, 2018- 2023;

Vray 3.6 and later versions; Corona 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0

Download & Installation

Click to download

Download and unzip the file. Then run the extracted .exe file. Install D5 Converter for 3ds Max following the instruction.

*The installation will overwrite the previous version by default.

What’s new


Release Date 20230824

New and improvements

  1. Compatible with D5 Render version 2.5

  2. Optimized synchronization pop-up method and description.


Release Date 20230320

New and improvements

  1. Support mapping more parameters for light sync

  2. Support mapping PBR material parameters

  3. Optimized file path of temporary texture folder when exporting model data

  4. Optimized dialog box for choosing sync methods


  1. Some crash issues due to incompatible materials

  2. Incorrect mapping of some light parameters

  3. Scaling light objects in 3ds Max not compatible with light sync

  4. Light scale error due to switching units in 3ds Max

For details, please read this topic:
Light group changes and different versions for downloading

Known issues:

  1. In D5 Render 2.4, if we align grouped objects with ungrouped individual objects (they are all from 3ds Max). the model will rotate 90°.
    Workaround: in a D5 scene, keep all objects from 3ds max as either grouped objects or ungrouped objects, and they can be aligned correctly.
  2. For imported .d5a models saved in D5 Render 2.3, if we open them in 2.4, import models again and sync coordinate, the model will rotate 90°.
    Workaround: swap the X and Y values in the model position and add “-”(minus) to the Y value. Then it will be aligned correctly with the .d5a file imported in D5 Render 2.3.


Release Date 20220901

New and improvements

  1. Keep group hierarchy: export a 3ds Max project and keep its group hierarchy (one tier). This feature needs D5 Render 2.3 and higher versions.

  2. Export selected group hierarchy

  3. Quick ProOptimize (reduce faces)


  1. Wrong installation path error
  2. Error message “Exception catched D5start”
  3. Some exported models with grass materials caused D5 to crash
  4. VRay Disc light duplicates in D5
  5. VRay material’s Normal parameter became 6.49 in D5
  6. CRraySwitch material mapping
  7. Blended material mapping
  8. Other general fixes to improve the stability

Known issue:

  1. When importing .d5a models with hierarchy into D5, it is suggested to open a scene then click Import button, instead of opening them directly.
  2. Exported .d5a models cannot use the sync coordinates/reload features in D5.


Release Date 20220725

New and improvements

  1. Support 3ds Max 2014/2015/2016


  1. For 3ds Max2018, the first time of launching the plugin may cause crash issue.
  2. The shortcuts cannot work when sync for the first time.
  3. Normal panel disappeared in D5 for some models exported from 3ds Max.
  4. The “can not call proc” error appears when installing and selecting the file path.


Release Date 20220704

New and improvements

  1. Supported versions: 3ds Max 2018 - 3ds Max 2023; Vray 3.6 and higher; Corona 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0.
  2. Live sync is faster and more stable: modify the model in 3ds Max and click Update to sync it to D5 ( to add or delete models, or modify the size and shape, including Subdivide Modifier and other modifiers).
  3. Fully compatible with the old version (material / coordinate system). You can select sync method when start live sync for the first time, or adjust it in the settings page.
  4. Auto Collapse (It is recommended to turn it on by default. If the model is found to be misaligned, please turn it off manually).
  5. Material mapping supports Corona material, Vray blend/custom alpha/glass/transparent/multi sub material/special map format/bitmap, Vray bitmap, Corona bitmap image cutting/Quixel scanned map/ Corona Renderer-Select, Mix, RaySwitch and other mixed nodes.
  6. Emissive material mapping supports standard/VRay Light/Corona Render Light.
  7. Support Standard/Corona/Vray/Arnold light type and location.
  8. Support sending cameras to D5 scene list.


  1. Improve the logic of Vray material mapping for more accurate parameters.
  2. Some materials get lost after synchronization or export.
  3. Various error pop ups of MAXscript during export or synchronization.
  4. Switching workspace causes plug-in exceptions.
  5. Other known bugs



Start: one-click to launch D5 Render in 3ds Max

  • One click to import models into D5 Render to start real-time rendering and live sync.
  • The max file needs to be saved before starting Sync.

Sync: synchronize model/material changes

  • Quickly sync models and materials edited in 3ds Max to D5 Render by the Sync button, while parameters that have been adjusted in D5 Render will not change.

View Switch: turn on/off live sync of the viewports

  • Keep the view of 3ds Max and D5 Render consistent in any direction.

Send Scenes: synchronize the cameras

  • Sync Standard/Vray/Arnold cameras to D5 scenes.

Send Lights: synchronize light types

  • Synchronize Standard/Corona/Vray/Arnold light types into D5 Render
    The parameters of light objects need adjustments in D5 Render
3ds Max light type D5 light sources
standard-Target/Free Spot spot light
standard-Target/Free Direct strip light
standard-Omni point light
Corona Light point light
Corona Sun strip light
VRay plane light strip light
VRay sphere light point light
VRay IES spot light
Arnold Light point light

Export .d5a files


  • Export 3ds Max models in .d5a format to directly open them in D5 Render.

  • Export .d5a files without compressing texture resolution.

  • Export the whole project or selected part only.

  • The Auto Collapse feature is added and the last setting will be saved (to solve most problems of model dislocation, normal UV and closed line export).

Export .skp files

  • Support model export in .skp format to import into SketchUp and D5 Render

  • Resize Bitmap: 512 * 512, 1024 * 1024

  • In addition, some other features are added: hide all edges, origin to center, merge coplanar faces, and more.


  • Check the version number, global settings and current sync solution

  • “Automatically save scenes after sync” and “Choose Sync Solution” options are provided, and the last setting will be saved.

  • Sync Method

New method (recommended): It is for all new projects that did not use previous versions of 3ds Max plugin (2.98 and older), which can synchronize the model coordinates and align them automatically.

Compatible method: It is only for projects that once have been linked to D5 scene files through old versions of 3ds Max plugin (2.98 and older).

  • Automatically save scenes after sync: when there are materials with the same name in the 3ds max file, after synchronization of first time, the converter will automatically change the material name to a unique one to prevent the material assigned in D5 from getting overwritten next time.

Known issues

  1. The converter cannot recognize the hidden/unhidden status of layers or categories.
  2. The sync speed will be slow if there are many maps of high resolution in the scene.
  3. For large 3ds Max projects (more than 1.5GB), it is recommended to use live sync instead of exporting them as .skp.
  4. When exporting a .d5a file occupies too much RAM, it is recommended to use live sync instead.
  5. In case of UV confusion after the model is imported into D5, it is recommended to rotate the texture UV by 270 °.


  • Run the uninstall .exe file of D5 Converter for 3ds Max

Previous version (3ds Max 2017 supported)

Click to download

If you have a model with file link to autocad, script doesnt work. Also, if you have max windows, doors, railings, plugin converts all of them to editable meshes in max environment without warning!

Hello, our new plugin for 3ds max has been rolled out officially, and you can download it from our official website:
Download | D5 Render
It fixes the second problem you mentioned. Regarding the with one related to Autocad, we will check it and test, thanks~

nice. but please, pay same atention to other converters like skp or blender. dont force use to move to 3ds max because of more D5 compatibility.

Hello, Blender plugin will come out soon, if you want to try the beta version, please join our Discord server:
D5 Render

very good. let’s start testing

Wouldn’t it be possible to have an option to export the texture in full size? without resizing?

hi mate, we will take it into consideration, thanks!

Does it support corona 9 and Vray 6 ?

Hi, they are not fully supported. Some materials of them are not compatible or cannot be mapped correctly.

HOW DELETE how to remove the extension for 3dmax, I have already removed the entire 5d render program but I just can’t get rid of the converter… what a horror

Method 1: Click on “Windows System-Start Menu-Plugin Uninstaller-Uninstall D5 Converter for 3ds Max”.

Method 2: Uninstall it through “Computer-Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program”.