D5 Converter 0.8 file rbz for Sketchup

Hello everyone, i’m trying to install new update of D5 Converter for my Sketchup. The automatic update doesn’t work. I want to ask our D5 Team if your guys can give me the .rbz file of this new D5 Converter version.

Thank you D5 Team

My virus checker will not allow me to installer the D5 converter

Hi mate, the problem happens to the new version of D5 Converter for SketchUp 0.8 today? please let me know what antivirus you are using, thanks!

Hi, OK, we will prepare one then post here.

Nortons 360

Fabulous, i just try to have the rbz file of this new D5 Converter Version cause i dont know why but Sketchup on my PC dont like the auto update :)) that has been happened the same for the last version

Same problem here. I get an access denied message, even if I pause Norton 360.


Hi there, to download D5 Converter for SU (rbz), please check this.

Nice, thank you very much Oliver

I just have a notice about the rbz file of the .0002 version, it’s not working. There is error, and the files inside rbz can’t be read by Sketchup system

Hi phucnkh, please check this topic. I think that installer should work, but only one version of D5 plugin can be kept in SketchUp.
How to install D5 Converter for SketchUp using .rbz - Workflow / SketchUp - D5 RENDER FORUM

If the problem persists on your side, feel free to let us know.


Hi Oliver. Hi Oliver could you please add or (if it is latest) D5 converter for Sketchup .rbz file when possible. I’m not able to install exe file

Thank you

Hi mate, here it is:
the .rbz versions of new D5 Converters for SketchUp: download link download link

Hi Oliver, do you have the .rbz version of new D5 Converter for SketchUp? Thank you very much

Yeah, here they are.


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Sry Olvier for the misunderstanding, cause the files named 0.8.3, i thought those are the old versions :sweat_smile:

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