Jerk in making video

**D5 Render Version:2.4.1
**Graphics Card:RTX 2080 Ti
**Driver Version:526.56
**Issue Description:VIDEO simulation & jerks

Any video from one camera marker to another, has this explicit JERK before moving to the next motion.


  • Camera point A-B = Smooth (PAN/DOLLY/ORBIT of the object ANY MOVEMENT)

  • POINT B-C = Change in focus of object results in a JERK and then continues movements of the next frames. The jerk is quite substantial as thou someone has changed scenes and its not smooth at all.

As u can see in the ref image above,
Cam1-Cam2 = At eyelvl street view. looking up to the building. (Just moving focus point from one location to other keeping camera man stationary)
Cam2-Cam3-Cam4 = Trying to orbit to view top of building. (Camera man moving a little to new position end resulting in cam4)

There is a clear jerk between stationary man to movement man.
Im sorry I cannot share the video to clearly show u as a ref.


Hi mate, thank you for reporting this problem. We will still optimizing the camera movement module in video rendering.

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