It is read-only and could not be saved


When I save my project and quit, I cannot reopen it. Once I moved all the render files to the C disk (normally I use E disk) and it worked but I see same problem again.

It is read-only and could not be saved. Please move the file to a non-system directory and reopen it.

Hello, this problem happens when the file is saved in a folder that needs admin permission to open, for example, C:\Programs.
To make sure you have admin permission on the file path, you can check this topic:
D5 render the file was located in directory without administrative asse - Get Help - D5 RENDER FORUM

Besides, recently we found if the file name or file path has special characters or some language cannot be read correctly by the program(for example, Turkish), then this error message will appear, so it is suggested to move your files to English folder and file path.

Any updates would be appreciated!

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As soon as I removed the letter Ş from file name, the problem solved. Thank you.

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