I dont know what king error is this

D5 Render Version: latest version
Graphics Card: 4090
Driver Version: latest studio
Issue Description: strange bug
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):Text

hi Guys

i was working on a project and since yesterday ive got 5 times this bug/error

after an hour or two using it, the D5 screen turns black , and when it returns, the file has UNTITLE written where it should be my file’s name ( BARZEL 04)

i saved my file as quickly as possible, and luckly its opening.
i wanna know whats kind bug is it?
Is my file at risk of being corrupted?
im saving the file locally, on a NVme ssd, the pro account is logged


Sorry to hear that you ran into the problem. You can check the following settings:
The low battery power and too high temperatures may result in a black screen. Please turn off CPU overclocking or RAM XMP profile if they are turned on.

Is this after the 2.5 update, or did you update the software or hardware?

Can you send the log files?
How to collect log files: D5 Support Tool

hi bruce,

only the workscreen of d5 turns black, but the rest of monitor remains on
theres no overclock on the gpu neither the cpu, theyre both running on stock

ive worked on 2 projects before this bug on 2.5 and they went well
its happened after the 2.5 upload with the latest nvidia studios drivers

im working on a ryzen 5090x stock and msi 4090

im sending the link with the log attached! tks!

hey guys, any solution to this? im worried cos its happening in all projects

So sorry for our late relpy. Could you please send us your file again? The previous one has expired.

hello guys, here the link with the log file

the problem still persists to this day (its just happened)

file name turns to UNTITLE, cannot select anything… i have to save as another name and close and open again to file to work

OK!Thank you so much for send us your log again.