D5 render bug - not loading any file - 0%, app run error

**D5 Render Version: 2.0
**Graphics Card:GEFORCE RTX 3060 Ti
**Driver Version: 472.12 STUDIO

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contacted because I have a problem once again after updating D5 Render. I currently have version 2.0, the program had a DLL error after installation, the automatic repair was performed and it was successful. Currently, after turning on the program, an error is shown, a screenshot of the error is sent in attachment 1 - “ERROR_1”. The message is in Polish, but it means: "The application has not been properly started (0xc000007b). Click the OK button to end the application. After clicking OK, the application does not close at all, but works. However, after opening any file (including the demo), it appears loading window and 0% progress, and so it lasts even 20 minutes and nothing happens. Therefore, I close the application, it reacts normally and closes. After this process, each subsequent attempt to launch the D5 Render application results in no reaction whatsoever. I just won’t work, even turn on. Earlier with updates from 1.9 I had the same problem so I was still using 1.8.1 which worked fine but I want to be able to use the newest features from 2.0 and experience the new quality. for support and help in quickly solving the problem because D5 Render is my main work tool.

My graphics card is: GEFORCE RTX 3060 Ti
Card driver: 472.12 Studio (Updated to the latest one as I thought it would help).

Same problem here and still no answer…

Hi Soares, andrzejleja’s problem is resolved by this method in remote access:
Got notification of “Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?” or stop loading at 0% - AnswerHub / Feature - D5 RENDER FORUM

Please try this repair tool as well. :slightly_smiling_face: