[SNS Guidelines] How to become a D5 Rising Star on social media platforms?

Are you a D5 lover not knowing what to share/ how to share? Is traffic a big headache to you? Do you want your works recognized by the official @D5 Render?

Here’s what you are welcome to share

  • High quality renders(image/video)
  • Sharings that are of use for other users(e.g. How to make a specific kind of material/ How to integrate D5 into your own workflow)
  • D5’s stylized rendering and application in more fields
  • Experience and feelings of your first try at D5 Render

Accessible D5 assets

Our media asset kit⬇️

D5_Media_Kit.zip (915.8 KB)

Post on the following platforms to get promoted by @D5 Render and reach a wider audience


Add “D5 Render” to the title of your work

Post with hashtag #d5render

Give a detailed account of your specification, basic information of the scenes and time spent in rendering in the description.


Join our Facebook group D5 Render Community and post your works/ideas there.


Tag @d5render_dimension5 in your pictures/video, and add hashtag #d5render .


Post with hashtag #d5render #rendered withd5 and @D5Render


Post with hashtag #d5render and @D5 Render

Furthermore, if you have your own D5 stories/moments to share, or if you’d like to provide the viewers with more D5-related contents, feel free to contact us or leave a message through platforms mentioned above.