[SNS Guidelines] How to become a D5 Rising Star on social media platforms?

Are you a D5 lover not knowing what to share/ how to share? Is traffic a big headache to you? Do you want your works recognized by the official @D5 Render?

Here’s what you are welcome to share

  • High quality renders(image/video)
  • Sharings that are of use for other users(e.g. How to make a specific kind of material/ How to integrate D5 into your own workflow)
  • D5’s stylized rendering and application in more fields
  • Experience and feelings of your first try at D5 Render

Accessible D5 assets

Our media asset kit⬇️

D5_Media_Kit.zip (915.8 KB)

Post on the following platforms to get promoted by @D5 Render and reach a wider audience


Add “D5 Render” to the title of your work

Post with hashtag #d5render

Give a detailed account of your specification, basic information of the scenes and time spent in rendering in the description.


Join our Facebook group D5 Render Community and post your works/ideas there.
Post your works in VWArtclub Facebook Page and include D5 Render in the post as the renderer. Please post according to their rules, and if the post is approved, you can apply for D5 Grains with a screenshot.


Tag @d5render_dimension5 in your pictures/video, and add hashtag #d5render .


Post with hashtag #d5render #rendered withd5 and @D5Render


Post with hashtag #d5render and @D5 Render


Add D5 Render to Project Tags and list it as a tool used


Add D5 Render to title or text

Furthermore, if you have your own D5 stories/moments to share, or if you’d like to provide the viewers with more D5-related contents, feel free to contact us or leave a message through platforms mentioned above. Recommendations of other platforms are welcomed.