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D5 Render Version: latest version
Graphics Card: RTX 3070Ti
Driver Version:
Issue Description:
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Since the latest update, my online assets library doesn´t load, just the “general” library, but I can´t search for an specific material or assets sometimes.

Hi mate, to confirm, is version 2.5.1?

Is your network stable all the while? Does it still happen after restating or for a long time? Have you tried switching a network or rebooting the router? Sometimes using VPN to switch a node can work. Also, please turn off the antivirus or firewall and then check the result.

If the problem still happens for a long time, please tell us.

Hi Bruce, yes is the new version, actually everytime I open D5, appears “update available” but it is already updated with all the assets when I opened it, and right now for example, I open D5 and appeared the same message, just for curiosity I click on “update” and it just got stuck.

But getting back to the main theme, yes, my network is stable, it happens for a long time, I haven´t tried switching networks nor using VPN, because in the last updates I haven´t had any issue, just with the new update, I have to turn off and then turn on the wifi from my laptop to my assets to load.

i have the same problem with my library , i can not see any assets , what can i do ,
ps. i have the last version

Hi mate, please check the network and firewall settings first, If it persists, please send the log files to us for troubleshooting and tell us the region so we can check the server. (Generally, it’s the network issue)

How to collect log files:
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